What I Wore Today: Fat Mike's

If you've been following my blog for quite some time, you'd notice that almost all of my "night-outs" are spent at Fat Mike's. It's a beautiful bar located in the heart of Ortigas and it's part owned by a dear friend of mine. Sort of like our own version of "Cheers". Here are some photos of the place (I am in love with its interiors):

Fat Mike's Gastropub - The bar with the beautiful red door and no sign.

bar area in non-smoking section...the mirror reminds me of the cabinet in Disney's Beauty and the Beast

a cozy corner in the non-smoking section, great area for an intimate gathering among close friends

quirky room divider: stairs that go nowhere!

smoking room: where most of my photos are shot

the center island table that we occupy 99% of the time

And this is what I wore that night: a quick shot in our parking lot before heading out....

sheer top: Pink Manila
high waist denims/ bell bottoms: Topshop
belt: Kenneth Cole
boots: Gold Dot

there was a Dj last night playing all our favorite tunes, he started with the latest "club" music and ended the night with some of our favorite tunes from the '90's...a lot of hiphop like tupac, bone thugs, etc and also some pop tunes like PM Dawn's "set a drift on memory bliss.."

some of my most favorite people in the world =) I love these guys/girls...

Lana was wearing a really awesome shirt last night, I wish I'd taken a clearer photo of her outfit. It was really cute.

Fat Mike's is not just a pub but a gastropub so the food is definitely remarkable. Their seafood pizza is amazing and their burgers are huge and succulent. A great place for both dinner and drinks!


Toni Tralala said…
I like how there's a hint of a 60s feel to your outfit! :) That's an interesting top! <3

How's the food in that place? I should tell my sister about it!
hi toni! the food at fat mike's is really yummy. the fat mike's gastro-pub in ortigas is just a few months old but there's actually been a fat mike's for years in makati that's more of a restaurant...it's frequented by a lot of foodies, sort of a hole in the wall resto. their pizza's are served with kesong puti (a lot of it), similar to ricotta, and they are really, really good. fairly priced as well about P200-P300. I'll try to make another blog post dedicated to the food at fat Mike's so you can see for yourself, let me know if your sister tries it =)
Shevah said…
Great outfit! It looks like fun! Thank you for following me. I will definitely be back!

gtc said…
OMG you're so cute and what wonderful bags you have (Marc Jacob, Chanel...gorgeous)

See you soon
Kiss from france
thank you for all the lovely comments =)
StylishForever said…
Oh my, the blouse is super fun, I love it!

Stay gorgeous!