What I Wore Today: Lumberjack

PMS Outfit number 2!!! hahaha, okay, enough with the PMS, I'm feeling quite better now. No need for Prozac, just a "chickflick" lift. I just ordered a couple pairs of shoes from them and my feet are so excited to meet them! I guess you could say, I think with my feet???
Feeling like a grunge baby lumberjack from Seattle today. Hello flannel shirt, I missed you...

moonstone pinky ring from a bazaar, four leaf clover ring from the beadshop, Shangri-la, Oneida silverspoon ring, diy chain bracelets, turtle bracelet from Chinatown
Another reason I'm happier today? Scored this on sale at Babo for only P364, about $8:

call me shallow, but you have to admit, a little retail therapy works worlds of wonders for lonely girls ;)


margarita ts said…
nice shirt!

Unknown said…
i love how you make simple ensembles work!
you really have style!!
gtc said…
cute outfit
Yanou said…
the shoes are lovely!
see my blog: