What I Wore Today: Motorcycle

Dennis has a special way of taking my photograph and making me look like a midget without any extra editing. To begin with, I'm not what you consider "tall" at all, not even a little bit tall, maybe a little bit small...hehe but I know that there's a way of taking photos to make you appear taller than usual and Dennis desperately needs to learn this! For now though, this is all I have to work with and just suck the rest in! We were also rushing out to drop off my daughter at school so this is a one shot wonder! We are always in a hurry (every single day) to get our daughter to school in time.

mustard motorcycle jacket - Ebay
white shirt - Bench
jeans - Heritage
boots - golddot.multiply.com
bag - Balenciaga


Unknown said…
love your jacket and boots!
thanks! i got it on ebay years ago for only P600 =)