What I Wore Today: Ms. Eggplant

Dennis's cousin is leaving the country and going back home to the States in a couple days so we got invited over for some wine, cheese and catching up. His kids, our daughter, and their other cousins were there too. At around midnight, the kids started getting tired so we had to call it a night, by then we were all quite tiddly with the wine.

We got home, dressed for sleep and helped my daughter get into bed. A few minutes later, the phone rings. A few good friends, some we hadn't seen in awhile, were at a nearby bar and would we like to follow?

This is how I dress up tipsy, with flair and drama! hahaha!
me and my good friend Pat, at Torch, catching up on some juicy gossip!
She looks so much like this girl on the current America's Next Top Model, I just can't remember her name...

hat - Topman
dress?! - Dennis's old shirt...he was gonna throw it out so I saved it =)
scarf - Regina's
bag - Chanel
boots - Gold Dot http://golddot.multiply.com


Ooooh thank you so much for the comment :)
Your blog is cool, I love your photos :)
hope you will visit my blog again :)
Love your bagg!! And she does kinda looks like Terra from cycle 15 :)
XX, Ana
Unknown said…
LOVE that outfit...the various shades of purple are gorgeous.

In Her Stilettos- An Austin Fashion Blog
Chelsea Finn said…
I love your hat and your shoes. Great outfit choice! :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth
thank you for the very encouraging comments, appreciate it =)
Brittany said…
Very cute, love the two shades of purple mixed! Thanks so much for your comment, and of course I'm following back :)

the simplicity of this outfit + the chanel bag = perfection :)