What I Wore Today: PMS Outfit

This was a struggle. The best smile I could come up with was a smirk, as seen in the photo above. I am having a really god awful day and the PMS doesn't even have anything to do with it. It's just aggravating it. I'd rather not talk about why I'm having such a bad day yet, just know that it is worthy of a place in my "top 20 worst days of my entire life". Maybe I'll write about it some other time.

On to a more cheerful note, nothing like a good book and a bag of chips to help me get through a nasty, nasty day. I'm currently reading a biography on Katherine Hepburn. The hat and shades assist me when I want to go incognito. There are just days when you don't feel like mingling much or running into "certain" people.
This outfit works great for me because:
  1. It's all black. Even if I'm on the skinny side, having my period makes me feel like a blimp. I am on temporary counter-anorexia mode. I look in the mirror and what I see is fat, so I get out, open the fridge and empty it's contents into my mouth. Black also works great in disguising those disgusting grease stains that drip from a pan pizza! (hehe) ;)
  2. It's comfortable. How much more comfortable can you get than a cotton shirt and shorts? Works great with those hot flushes I get when I'm on my period.
  3. It's monochromatic, a no-brainer. A put on and go kinda outfit. Plus, it makes me feel a few inches taller. =)
black shirt - Envi organic cotton shirts by Bench
belt - Coach
alfreda wedges - http://golddot.multiply.com
leopard print sunglasses - Gucci
panama hat - SM Dept. Store


margarita ts said…
amazing wedges!!!

Aya said…
The PMS outfit is awesome! I hope your day gets better! xo
thank you guys, made my day a bit better =)
Unknown said…
Darling I have the same purse! And in taupe too! And green. And black. And Brown. I bought all 5 of them in Florence. =)
FashionGirl said…
Cute outfit <3
I follow you and I dont know it isn show on your site but at my profile you can see that I follow you !

mikenbecca said…
Doll, you look amazing!!! I love your shoes!!!
king said…
Love those wedges!
Yna Amores said…
Thank you for the follow! Nice wedges!