What I Wore Today: Protest

I am in protest of all the crime, war and bombings that seem to be so rampant lately. Everyone just needs to chill out, relax and learn how to respect each other and their beliefs. It's so much easier to communicate now with all the technology around but we still don't put it to good use. Obama can just text whoever in the middle east and tell them the reason why the states have been bombing the shit of of them since Bush and the middle east could just text back and tell him their side of the story. If things don't work out through text, get a Blackberry plan so they can call each other toll free.

I just think that a lot of the violence now is unnecessary. Probably made up mostly of pride and the feeling that you've already dug your hole too deep and might as well go along with it. Bullshit. We all have problems, theirs is just on a bigger scale but it's still just a problem. If we all reacted like these people then there'd be dead people left and right especially during rush hour traffic.

This is why Rage Against The Machine is in rage against the machine! You all can't pull it together...but it is possible...

should've worn my cowboy boots instead...oh well...
Have a nice peaceful day everyone! =)


A N A G O N said…
Wow I love EVERYTHING! :) From the cool john lennon-ish shades, tie dye, shorts, hippie band, and your words! :))
Chyrel Gomez said…
Love the hippie view in your post. Reminds me of Across the Universe. God I love that movie.

eelectroCutee said…
you are one of the cool moms out there!! hehehee
love your shoes. :D
thanks to golddot for the many extra laces they sent me, turned them into a head band! hehe =)
Great outfit vibe!

Seriously give peace a chance!
Unknown said…
this is my favorite of all your looks!!! :) and i agree, everyone should just get rid of the nega and talk things out and give peace a chance :)

Unknown said…
hands down, this is my favorite look so far!
its so bad-ass and very hippie!
and more, it is your fashion statement!
you really are one of the coolest moms around!!
Comewhinewithme said…
Wow! amazing pictures with a very important message. I'm with you! May I also say that you have very hot legs! Love this post!
Yasmeen said…
Peep toe lace up booties O.O My favorite style shoe, ever. You have done them justice. I love this outfit.

Castle Fashion
it feels great waking up to all your lovely comments! thanks, give peace a chance! =)
oomph. said…
you totally rocked the look! love the cross ring.