What I Wore Today: Queen Of The Highway

Suffering from a really bad cold and the weather outside isn't helping. It's been raining since this morning and it looks like it's gonna stay that way 'til late in the evening...gotta get me self bundled up and ready to rock!
motorcycle jacket - topshop
black doc martens
I was planning on slashing up these tights but stopped mid-way. I could not commit, I never realized that it's quite difficult to put holes in them on purpose with a safety pin, which is odd since I'm always getting holes in them by accident.
Took 3 1000mg doses of vitamin C already. I just feel like laying in bed with a good dvd... been re-reading my old Jessica Zafra "Twisted" books, somehow I feel like her sarcasm has rubbed off on me a bit or maybe it's just my pms, then colds that's gotten me acting up the way I have been lately. Just not in the best of moods...
“I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another till i drop. This is the night, what it does to you. I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.” -J. Kerouac


Unknown said…
im so jealous of your shoes!
anyway, feel better soon!
Tess said…
cool post. loving the vibe of this outfit.

xxo Tess S.
dear, love Sandra too! <3 of course, i follow u! very nice blog :-)

become fan also on fb if you want!!
Marisa Noelle said…
Very chic! I love the photos & gorgeous shoes! Thanx for your sweet comment. Following you now too darling:)
Mila said…
Great photos.
Giovanna said…
hi sweety and thank you so much for the comment!
I'm following you too!
Noelle Chantal said…
Love the rocker outfit here. The boots and leather jacket are so nice. Great pairing! :)
Nice! love ur shoes. :D
Vera said…
i love your shoes! Cool pictures Xx
Amandamarie said…
docs are super classic, they look great with your outfit! i love the color effect on your pics as well

Mamacita said…
I loved your blog!!
Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog.

I am just following your blog too!!!

Whoop it up! said…
awesome post !!! love ur shoes (:
and you have a new follower.. .

hope u can follow back
Angelica said…
hi dear! thank you for following, i will follow you!

amy said…
The hat! The hat! I love it so!

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!
Unknown said…
Very cool outfit lady!!


Anonymous said…
I love your outfits! I love DMs too! Oh, added you in my blogroll if you don't mind. I think we live in the same area (went to ICA as well) following you on twitter too! :)