What I Wore Today: A Sheer Number (How To Wear The Sheer Trend)

Sorry, I just got out of the shower, my hair was still wet and messy when we took the photos. No time to style, rushing out, as usual.

For those out there wondering what to wear with a sheer top, here are three tips:
  1. Keep your bra plain, no lacy numbers to keep from looking racy.
  2. Pair or contrast the color of your bra to the color of the top. Ex. (as seen in photo) nude bra = "beigey" top. For an edgier look, or to wear at night, pair with a black bra (but Dennis forbids me to do so). For white tops, I suggest a black bra, no exceptions.
  3. For the shy ones: wear with a plain, form fitting camisole, tube or tank depending on the style of your top.
Once you get the hang of it, it's real easy to wear. You will fall in love with the feel of sheer fabrics against your skin. They are the softest, lightest things ever! =)


Dasha Soliman said…
Nice outfit! I following you too. :)

cathy. said…
Love how you wear the sheer top!

Thekla said…
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Donata Lim said…
i love your blouse!!!
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Unknown said…
im loving the sheer tops as of the moment!
you carry it very well!!
Yasemin said…
I like your watch :-) following!
Whoop it up! said…
like the outfit !!! and sure we follow you <33

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char said…
great sheer top!
thank you for all your sweet comments! you all have lovely blogs and i enjoy visiting them everyday!its great how get to inspire each other's everyday outfits =)
char said…
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Thekla said…
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Bea said…
Sheer clothing is a gift to hot Manila weather :)

Bea from A plus B
Julieta said…
Thanks for the comment beauty! :)
Great outfit and tips :D
I like your blog, I follow you.
Super Shaznae said…
Hello! Thanks for the tip on how to wear a sheer top. And also thanks for visiting my blog, thanks for the lovely comment. Followed you already my dear.. =) feel free to follow if you want.. =) take care my dear.. BTW, great outfit! Is that a bellbottom? I love it!
Hi Krystal! Thanks for following, yup they're bellbottoms =)
@bea: definitely! great way to stay cool specially when it's starts to get warm again. =)