What I Wore Today: Something Different

I don't usually dress this way. It's not that I'm not particularly fond of skirts, it's just that the idea of wearing them doesn't enter my mind usually while I'm dressing up. Yesterday however, (maybe it was the hangover or lack of water/semi-dehydration thinking)I felt the undying need to put on a skirt. Haha, hurray, what a milestone ( for me!).
I guess I was a little bit inspired by the 1950's. Remember all those big poodle skirts, their oxfords worn with socks, soda pop and ice cream parlors?

wore this outfit to a casual dinner held at an aunt's place...


Freya said…
I like your outfit!
I love anything to do with the fifties, especially the hair do's and dresses!
Unknown said…
'something different' looks good on you!
Dasha Soliman said…
Nice outfit! You look so pretty! :)
Michelle said…
I can never pull off the long socks thing. Love the outfit! :)
Anonymous said…
amazing shoes! great outfit :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
it actually looks good on you. the shoes is nice too! :)
Yasemin said…
Wow, this is so great!
Cara said…
Love the shoes and socks combo, and those shoes are amazing!
xo Cara
Nikita said…
im the same way & almost never wear skirts but youve inspired me, maybe ill have to give one a try soon
Stacey Kay said…
Very cute! I love the belt and shoe combination!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland
Anonymous said…
Hey,u're blog is SOOOO coolz ♥ (:
And u're so pretty !
retro-junk.blogspot.com (if u have time to have a look) :)
paislea said…
cute cute cute cute outfit!!

allisterbee blog
Cylia said…
something different is always nice to try:) lovely.
@michelle: first time i've tried the "socks thing" too! my husband doesn't really like it, he says "it's not too hot" haha, but i kinda like it, it's a great way to keep warm when wearing short skirts too. i always feel chilly =)
@nikita: glad i inspired you! still not gonna do this everyday but it feels good once in awhile =)
@meline: thanks for saying that i'm pretty! comments like yours always make my day! haha!=)
Erin Woodgate said…
wow you must have so many clothes to do this everyday! great style!
@erin: not really, i just try to make the most of what i have, i just "remix" (borrowed term from kendi everyday), grab stuff from my husband's closet, and alter old clothes into new =)
i can't really afford to buy a lot of clothes cause i don't have a J-O-B, so I have to be extra resourceful.

if anybody out there would like to give me job, that would be great! hehe =)
Anupriya DG said…
Like the way you've worn it all..........you should do this more often!! :)