What I Wore Today: Welcome To The Jungle

We were supposed to go to Fat Mike's again last night to meet a few friends, but around 11:30, they still weren't there so we decided to hit No.38 Jupiter instead to catch the set of another friends band, The Bouncin' Bebe Boys.
It was my first time in 38 but i have to say, I really like the place. it has a very relaxed, cozy and clean atmosphere that's very conducive for drinking. hehe. I also like their macho mug A LOT.
That's probably why I woke up today with a stinking hangover and no water! Such a pain. It totally slipped our minds that the tank in our building is scheduled for cleaning today.
I just want to take a shower already!!! But I have to wait 'til around 2pm-4pm for the water service to return.
No drinking for me tonight...I think, or at least plan to NOT. How's your Saturday hangover? =)


Mary Ann said…
one word (errrr...two, ^^)
You rock!
Unknown said…
those wedges are fantastic <3

Stacey Kay said…
Wooooo, great outfit! Loving those shoes. Thanks for the follow! Following you back now...

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland
Fashion Mom said…
i love your trousers, i want one x
mispapelicos said…
Thank you so much for your visit, and for liking what I stand for.
You and your blog are fantastic. Do come again...
Besos from Spain.
Chi said…
nice outfit, especially in love with the wedges - :)
Wow! you look super stylish.


Hazel said…
loving the print of your coat/jacket!!! rawwr =P and sorry to hear about your hangover and no water! worst combination! haha

<3 hazel
FBJ said…
super cute shoes!

Tatyana said…
RE: It's cute! :) You could show a picture of your cat in a god:)
Aya said…
i'm absolutely obsessed w this outfit!!
Chyrel Gomez said…
funny! i'm listening to that guns and roses song while reading and checking this blog post. haha!

love your top and shoes! :)