Bootie Influx

I ordered these two pairs of shoes about a month ago...
They were supposed to arrive after two weeks...but because of some custom/taxes disputes, their arrival date got delayed and delayed and delayed...Until it reached a point where my excitement wore down, turned to frustration instead. It's been a whole month and i still haven't received them.
So, to ease my broken heart, I decided to purchase these first:
I bought them about two days ago and I haven't worn them yet. Then I get a call this morning telling me that my shoes have finally arrived! Great! Just when the weather's starting to get warm...For the first time, I'm flustered with too many pairs! Seriously, I need room in my shoe cabinet. I have no more space for any additional pairs of shoes. I've already infiltrated my husband's cabinet! I must stop for awhile or build a new cabinet or sell some pairs!


Stacey Kay said…
These are some seriously awesome booties. LOVE!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland
My Vintage Handbag Line
fashion doctor said…
good deal! so cute boots!!xoxo
Michelle said…
The black booties are GORGEOUS! Makes me wish that I was actually comfortable in heels! :-/
Silkybow said…
The leopard wedge and the black wedge are so hot!!! :) ^_^
I love it :D
Ag. said…
beautiful wedges!
Unknown said…
oh my, i wouldnt mind having too many shoes!
Chi said…
where did you get the last pair ? :O
Anonymous said…
The boots are hot! If you need to sell, then do so, because all those boots should stay!
mikenbecca said…
I have too much shoes too but then last week I just bought another one...arrrrrrggg ano ba yan!!! lol

Anyway I love your shoes, it's cute!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh Im sorry! the black ones are fabulous tho! I love Jeffrey Campbell

Miss Neira
@audrey: you can get them at

@reese: I know! sometimes I get so mad at myself! I keep on saying I'm never getting another pair again but then something really hard to pass up comes along and I just have to break out my credit card. It's sad because it happens almost every week! hahaha!
paislea said…
i am COMPLETELY in love with those leopard shoes! perfection. !!!!
Buky said…
where did you get the shoes from?
I cant believe you have to wait that long!
Saddens me!
Love them both. Excellent choices :D
Thanks for the inspiration
theversastyle said…
Don't say no to shoes! Build a new cabinet!! haha... love wedges!

@michelle: you'll be surprised at how light and comfortable these wedges are =)
@buky: ordered them online from i think they had a problem with customs releasing their package. our country has really corrupt custom officals, probably the worst in the world and that often becoms a problem when ordering stuff from abroad. sucks!
@anette: already called the carpenter! hahahaha!
Chyrel Gomez said…
holy iskamowlee! love your new kicks!
Alexa Martin said…
LOVELOVELOVE your new shoes!! :)