Corner Tree Cafe Review

I have been wanting to try the food at corner tree since the first time I saw the place a year ago. It looks so quaint and inviting situated in it's own little cul de sac. Being the only "pescatarian" in my family, I found it extremely hard to convince, especially the meat eating D., to spend his hard-earned moolah on some high-grade tofu. Yesterday, I was finally able to! But only for a light snack before dinner while waiting for my appointment at Browhaus (more on my eyebrow sculpting adventure at a later post).

The interiors of corner tree cafe is very relaxed and quite eclectic (you will especially notice this when you take a look at their wide array of magazines on display in the little nook with the couch and coffee table...from rogue to the new yorker!). The place actually reminds me of a little cottage. Something Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs would enjoy living in! =) (I adore the interiors)

I only had the chance to try 2 dishes during this visit because we just dropped in for a snack at 5pm.
We had the walnut tofu burger which comes with your choice of a green salad with mint yogurt dressing or sweet potato fries. I opted for the salad. I think I made the right decision. The dressing was so "fresh tasting". You can say it tastes just like Spring if you can catch my drift...The burger is equally just as amazing. Dennis who is REALLY into ginormous 100% beef Chili's type burgers was actually happily downing his portion of our burger so that's got to speak for something! The flavor of the roasted ground walnuts even out the taste of tofu perfectly and the little bursts of cheese between bites make this outstanding! A little pricey for a vegan burger at around P230 but worth every single penny!
My daughter wanted the "Pizza" Bianca. I know, it looks like a side dish...a side dish worth P165, definitely not enough to fill you up for a meal but would go nicely with a pasta dish. The pizza bianca is delicious nonetheless with generous amounts of mozarella cheese and anchovies. I also fancy the idea of using rosemary instead of the usual basil. It gives the dish so much more character.

This visit was so successful that Dennis is already planning on taking me back for a dinner date with some wine which I'm really looking forward to. They have so many other dishes that I want to try.

ps. The place looks extra lovely in the evening...they also serve beer =)


Buky said…
Now im hungry!
Yna Amores said…
Love the food! Looking great :)
The Perpetrator said…
it looks so cozy in there, but damn 165 pesos for that pizza!! no thanks.

your daughter is so cute by the way! :)
Unknown said…
oooh, i love to dine in places like that.
and your family is so cute!!
I would love to dine there, I'm a vegetarian and where I live it is so hard to find strictly veg places!