D.I.Y. Re-fashioned T-Shirts

I'm broke and it's been really hot...With most of my cash spent on my previous fall wardrobe, I decided that it's time to break out those scissors and sewing chalk for another fashion DIY! =)
This one's pretty easy and doesn't require any sewing. Woohoo!

Choose a shirt that fits you perfectly and use it as your template:
friendly tip: try choosing shirts that have a similar size and seam, maybe not more than an inch apart from the one you'd like to revamp...

Align both shirts with your favorite shirt on top of the one you're revamping. Trace along armpits like this: and then cut making sure the front and back of your shirts are laid flat and properly aligned...
Cut along the seam of your shirt's neckline (you may skip this part if you prefer to keep the facing. I opted to cut mine out cause it was a bit faded and I prefer the over-all rough looking type of shirt =), like this:
Make sure the top of both shirts are aligned, carefully trace the hem of your favorite shirt on the shirt you're revamping like this:
You will end up with something like this:
(I chose to cut the back bottom of the shirt into a curve leaving it slightly longer than the front)
You can jazz it up further with some safety pins, beads, paint, embroidery, whatever you please...
Pair with your favorite cut-offs or leggings and get summer ready!!!
Enjoy! Hope you liked this diy. I'd love to see your own variations on it =)


Michelle said…
I will try this! :D
super cool, i'd love to see a photo! just ask if you need additional info ok? =)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the fashion tip
Im gonna do that when it getts a lot hotter:)

Unknown said…
i shall try this...dont know when but i will!
Chyrel Gomez said…
i haven't tried diy's but i love removing the collars from my shirts.
Tea said…
a super cool idea! this is something that I think I can try. thanks a lot!