Football Fever: Philippine Azcals Vs. Mongolia Blue Wolves

I know this isn't a sports blog but dammit! That was a hellufa game! I am still very much buzzed from the victory as well as the beer that came alongside the game. Cheers to Gener and P. Younghusband for scoring two of our much needed goals.

Overall, I have to say that we could've done MUCH BETTER considering our standing in the roster vs. Mongolia. Then again, I have to say that given that, the Azcals were still able to deliver a win for the Filipinos despite their weak game (just according to my opinion). So, woohoo, yeah, for the Azcals!

Caligdong's goal in the first half wasn't really that impressive, I would've preferred more power in his kick but I have to admit that it was well calculated and greatly appreciated. I was getting really frustrated towards the 40th minute for lack of a goal. It saddens me greatly that I can't find any photos of Caligdong online. Phil's goal at the last minute (93rd minute i believe) was short of spectacular. (there is an abundance of Phil Younghusband photos online) A goal worthy of the Champions League. A winning kick if I might say.

A few gripes about our local coverage/hosting of the game:
  1. Commentators were biased and focused only on the Azcals triumphs. As a commentator, I believe you must relay the game the fairest way possible for both teams. Even if it's obvious that you are routing for your home team, you must still give attention to the accomplishments of the opposing team and give a proper play by play commentary instead of focussing on the life history of each and every Azcal player.
  2. We had no idea how much stoppage time was available! This is important!
  3. There wasn't enough space for them to do a decent throw-in.
  4. Pitch wasn't perfect. You need a proper field for an efficient game.
  5. For the Azcals: you must push harder and try to concentrate much more on possible rebounds. If you watch the replay of the game, I'm sure you will understand my frustration. Please run for the ball. Don't just stand there and wait for it to approach you.
Overall, yes, I am elated over the win and will continue celebrating after this post. But I am hungry for more. We gotta do MUCH better than this if we have dreams of going head to head with Japan and other great Asian football teams. I love you that's why I push. Go Azcals! Make Us Proud!


Unknown said…
nice commentary!
all i can say is that i got kilig over the goals!
victory is indeed sweet!
00000 said…
Nice post! Everyone's tweeting about the game, di ko alam saan ako pwede manood dito! :(
Sophia's Lover said…
Lonely as a cloud

What shall we sing, my friends?
In what shall we rejoice?
There alone our song lives,
Where our ancestors were born.
On Earth, where they lived...
I suffer here on Earth...
He who gives life conceals

Men in a casket and in an ark....
But shall I see them? Shall my eyes see
The faces of my father and my mother?
Can they offer me their song,
Their words, which I search for?
Here is no one,
They have left us as orphans, here on Earth.

i have to agree on the azkals' need to put more focus in working harder...this win is not a guarantee that we'll win every other game after. but yes, they sure did an awesome job! <3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
Chyrel Gomez said…
I watched the game live in Bacolod and boy does it feel great to cheer for your own country's football team. We still have a long way to go. We used to beat Japan way back 1950's and look at where Japan and Korea is now. Playing in the World Cup. The Philippines is also the founding member of the Asian Cup but napag iwanan tayo ng ibang bansa.

We need all the support we can get from everyone. Too bad we don't have a very decent football field. In Cebu, we have a dust bowl but
Negros has a lot to offer. It's also sad that they usually post and ask more about the good looking players. I can't blame them.
Hahaha! Sorry, am saying too much. It was a good game despite all the misses. They really need a good midfielder and so funny sometimes when they steal the ball from the Mongolians and they have no one to pass the ball to.