Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival Part Deux

All Access!!! Yeah Baby!

The Malasimbo event was held on sacred Mangyan grounds. The first ever event allowed on their turf. It was a natural amphitheater, breathtakingly beautiful and remote. Perfect for an event such as this one. To get there, you need to ride in one of many shuttle services provided by the event organizers, up the steep mountain. From there, it's a long trek down and a real pain heading up on the way home.

The mountainside was littered with numerous installation art pieces by Olivia d'Boville (I think so, not so sure about this one), more photos of the art in my part 3 (we had 3 cameras with us and I still need to sort things out)

Adjacent to the concert area was a sort of museum which featured the various traditional houses of the Mangyan tribe: such a beautiful treehouse...I always wanted one...

There were fire/ poi dancers up front:

Awesome korean band, Gongmyoung:
They play unorthodox world music. Check them out on YouTube

with my "local" friend Justin, and look how cute Dennis is in the back! hehe

Hippies revelling up front, dancing for life and music...joints were passed around freely like smiles!

And this is what I wore:

I pack light! hehe, wore same shorts as the day before but this time paired it with a sheer crochet top ala "Pennylane" in Almost Famous:

More on the event tomorrow! =)

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Harija said…
Thanks for sharing and it seems like you had an amazing time!
fashion doctor said…
amazing life!beautiful look so sweet!xoxo
JULS said…
amazing pictures!!!
Monroe Steele said…
lovely photos. what a cool event. love that top too. visit me again soon

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC
emily said…
that top is just gorgeous, i love anything sheer with lace!
SabinePsynopsis said…
Ha, great pictures. Is that a pregnant woman sticking out of the sand?!
Chic even amidst the tribe :)
Mila said…
wow,looks like so much fun!
augustalolita said…
great photos <3 i like ur top :)
Mxx said…
Love your top!!