My Browhaus Experience: A Photo Review

Welcome to Browhaus, Greenbelt 5:
Right when you enter, a reception table greets you and their friendly and attentive staff don't take more than 5 seconds to approach and assist you. I asked for basic brow shaping (which I got through for only P350. regular price at browhaus is P580...still not bad...TRUST ME!)
Next, they lead you into a private room with doors worthy of being in a submarine or bank vault:
They first work on all those unwanted hair between brows: aka. when not taken cared of turns into a unibrow! Didn't hurt at all, honest! Just uncomfortable of course but very,very tolerable. Nothing to get freaked out about.
Next they take care of the hair above your browline to clean it up and give it a more polished look. Also to assist in final shaping. Doesn't hurt much either!
This is the part that kinda hurts (but still very tolerable though it hurts the most). They ask you to stretch your skin (don't worry, they'll tell you where to do it), piece of advice for you, stretch as hard as you can. Taut skin helps relieve and drastically minimize the pain!

Once you're done with this, another (about) 5 minutes for trimming and tweezing. A breeze after all you've been through and by now, you'll be smiling quite broadly about your perfect arches and wouldn't mind a little more pain...and this part also differentiates them from the rest. It really takes the look from clean to professional.
Lastly, they apply some kind of ointment/cream to help ease the swelling. They advice you not to wash your face within 5 hours of threading which I did not follow (washed after 3 hours) but everything turned out fine. No blotches or rashes here.
freshly threaded, you can sort of see a tan line between my eyes and eyebrows which I plan to even out during my visit tto the beach on the 18th for the music festival =)

What you think? Much cleaner huh? I also noticed that it makes my face look brighter. The whole process takes less than 20 minutes. I am officially addicted. Promise to post a full face photo with my new eyebrows. A little lazy to put on make-up cause I'm still tired from not having a maid. Thank god she'll be arriving this Monday.

Hope this review encourages you to have your eyebrows threaded too! Preferably at Browhaus. I cannot vouch for other threading salons. I had a really bad and painful experience before at Basement. Now my phobia's gone! =)


Cylia said…
waow. they've done that prettty well.. I always struggle with my eyebrows.. this looks really good! thanks for the little award;) you rock!
you're welcome, it's well deserved, if not too small for you =)
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for stopping by me :)
your comment is wondeful!
Anupriya DG said…
I always thread my eyebrows....that's actually the more common procedure here in India! :)
And you do get used to the pain after a while.. :))
Taylor said…
My sister gets this done this way too...I swear I always look more in pain then she does when she getting it done.

New follower!
wowwow! I love the result of your eyebrows!!

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Fashion Mom said…
omg! i never saw this, thanks for sharing x
potpie du monde said…
Great post! Never tried it, but definitely am going to think about it now! :)
inge luciana said…
your brow looks so perfect after shaping!! wow. I really wanna try it. It looks great!
ahh its soo pretty
perfect shape!
does it hurt?

thanks for the sweet comment!

xo model from holland

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every day a new post!
Bea said…
Browhaus is my big guilty pleasure. It is sort of a lot to spend on threading but eyebrows are so important! And I don't really wear makeup so it is even more vital to me. I just love their work. My brows are nothing to work with but Browhaus manages to make do. I love it there so much that my moms christmas gift to me was to buy their 'ten session promo'. Money saver! :)

Bea from A plus B
wow bea, you're so lucky! i've been contemplating on wether or not i should get that promo too. saves you a lot of money talaga but its kinda heavy on the budget pag one time big time but definitely worth it. i just have to stop buying so many shoes! hahaha
Unknown said…
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