My New Favorite Things

If you have been following my blog for awhile now, you will notice that a lot of the stuff I wear is reworked vintage clothes, belts and accessories from my Mamita (my grandma). This is a photo of her in red with big "Jackie O." shades taken years ago on a boat on their way to a friend's beach house. Fabulous isn't she? A lot of fun too. Beside her is our beloved "Papahoney"(my grandpa). The first man in my life. I miss and love him dearly.

I spent half my life living my grandparents. I am greatly influenced by their upbringing and style ;) As a child I longed for colorful sneakers, baggy pants, and cartoon shirts. Instead they would buy me oxfords, loafers, khaki's, a-line skirts and the like. I was a really preppy kid. I remember Papahoney telling me that you can judge a man/woman from his shoes. I was never allowed to leave the house with dirty/scuffed footwear. When I reached high school, I was allowed more freedom with the way I dressed although I remember how much he despised my Doc Marten's (hahaha) but later on, funny enough, he got me my first and most favorite pair of clogs from Candies. Wore those babies to death.

It mattered a lot to Mamita and Pahoney how you present yourself. Most especially during social gatherings. Mamita would plan her outfits weeks ahead and would most often require a trip to her favorite couture. She used to drag me along on fittings, forcing me to have my clothes sewn by him rather than buying things "off the rack". She used to say there were too many pieces of a certain piece of clothing found "off the rack" and it would be dreadful to find yourself wearing the same outfit as somebody else at the same time. I hated it then but now I wish I had the financial capability to dress that way. Their style philosophies also benefit me a lot now since I was able to recover and use so many of her old things. I just wish I was able to save more. A lot had been given away before I realized to incorporate them in my personal wardrobe.

As you can tell, I am very close to them and I miss her terribly when she's not in the country.
She just recently returned from her trip abroad, among the things she brought home for me were these:
I have always been a huge Crunch fan but this one really takes the cake! It is so delicious!!! I saw several more in her ref. I plan to raid it on my next visit. I haven't seen this in any of the stores here yet. It is LOVE! If anybody out there knows where I can buy this, please let me know.

She also brought me home my own personal pair of Dany's by Jessica Simpson. I am now officially a fashion blogger! Hahaha! I love them so much and the leather on them smell great as well. Haven't worn them yet though. Looking for that special occasion. They are quite high. My highest shoe yet and I thought I had some high ones already! Gotta break them in soon.

ps. I am really frustrated with the look of my blog right now. I find it messy but I don't know how to fix it! :(
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I'll try to do an outfit post later in the day. Have a great day! Thanks for all the lovely compliments.

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Aie Corpuz said…
i love those shoes! I asked my dad to get me one but he doesn't really get me hayyy! He thinks my taste in shoes is weird! I think I just fell inlove with your mamita!
whitney said…
Thank you for the lovely comment :)

This is such a lovely post. I adore those shoes and the photos are great!
Ga Mendoza said…
i've been wanting to get those shoes sar!!!!
Anonymous said…
Your grandmother looks amazing! That red, and those glasses--I would follow such a woman down the street! I love your tribute to her. And man, she certainly knows shoes!
Claire said…
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Claire said…
you're lovely like your lola. :)
Anupriya DG said…
Aahhh........those shoes look killer!!! Your grandma sure has great choice! :)
Haute World said…
Love the shoes and your grandmother looks very glam in that photo! Your grandparents definitely seem to know what constitutes as style and I agree with their philosophy.
Your Grandmother sounds amazing :D love the shoes!!
maphi bayolo said…
these shoes are amazing , i really want a pair xoxo
Super Shaznae said…
Hi! Thanks for dropping by at my page.. Already joined your giveaway.. and followed you as well.. I hope I'll win your giveaway. FYI: those shoes are one of the cutest! take care!

Hello Ms Eggplant! I too love vintage clothing- can never get enough! Am stoked to see the latest Fashion Week extolling classic '60's design, my favorite era.

I'm on blogger too, and went through a big blog tweek about two months ago. I would recommend you go through the design template and adjust the width. It could be wider in my opinion, and not look so scrunched up.

Thank you so much for visiting my street style blog. Feel free to drop by my main blog! Would love to get to know you! -Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud
cherie said…
I really want the shoooesss!!!
Chyrel Gomez said…
i miss reading your blog. hurray for new shoes! i really want to have a pair of those as well as the lita's.