Palpak Blog/Funny Pinoy Signs/Stupid English

A collection of funny signs found in the Philippines....Get your boxes of Kleenex ladies, this is gonna be a hell of a ride. Laugh trip!
"Steven Cigar" the cigarette vendor...
paper view?

"pay first before taking off your clothes!"

"really gay elementary school in really gay town"
"curntains", carfet...

"who's the poser now biyatch?" haha!
"pls passenger seatbelt"

"i'd love to work here..."

Jollibee and Ronald...BFF's!

all photos courtesy of for more funny pinoy signs, visit their site =)


Hannah said…
Hahahahaha my favourite was "Silence No Parking" hahaha.. so good
Michelle said…
HAHAHAHA! I love the one about the cockroaches getting cancer.
Anonymous said…
Jing Ocay said…
this is very LOL!