What I Wore Today: Ahoy Mates!

I'm afraid summer has arrived early for those of us in the tropics! It was blistering hot yesterday. The rays of the sun were extra hot and would really burn your face if you exposed it for too long! It was so hot I couldn't even bare to put on a pair of pants! Boo! I love dressing for the cold with all it's interesting layers...During the summer, you just can't do much. Even a chunky necklace gets on my nerves sometimes when sweat starts to develop under it!
Today is equally hot! I have no idea what I'm going to wear...Good news though, we fetched our maid yesterday so I don't have to slave away in the heat as much!
shirt: daintymessy.multiply.com, shorts: forever21, shoes: fred perry, hat: SM

How's the weather there?


Michelle said…
I was gonna get that hat too! But my head couldn't fit! :( hahaha
Stacey Kay said…
Cute hat! I totally wore my new fedora today too.

Stacey Kay
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I am loving this look.
Today where I live it was like -2 f for the high.
So jealous!

Love the shorts, saw them and was like they must be forever 21!
lala said…
love your border top! :)
looks good on you. xoxo
Unknown said…
if summer looks like that, i wouldnt mind the heat!
Anonymous said…
You look so cool! I love the hat. In the summer, I'm always sporting hats--there's no better clothing accessory. Plus, it saves the pretty skin beneath.
LizAnn said…
Love this outfit! I love the detailing on the short pockets... super cute!

VPV Intern
love this look! so cute with the stripes...and the hat..and the tennis shoes!

Chyrel Gomez said…
sometimes i wonder why we would say "summer" when in fact it can be summer everyday in pinas. haha! i guess it's because of the school year.
L.S.B said…
Love the outfit here :) far too cold for something like that over in my home of England though! haha you're very luckyyy

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