What I Wore Today: Dazed and Confused

My accidental peg:
I wasn't really intending to dress like Michelle Burke in Dazed and Confused. It just sort of happened naturally and when I was done dressing up I just realized that I've already seen my outfit somewhere. Then I remembered, right.....! I guess that just goes to show how much I really love this movie and how many times I've actually seen it. (I don't lend out my dazed dvd, I'm afraid it might get scratched, another movie I don't lend out is Factory Girl)

love beads given by a friend, vintage rings and earrings, other rings from golddot and marc jacobs, old cowboy shirt from roxy (used to be yellow, dyed it dark blue cause i spilled some bleach on it, embroidered belt from lucky brand, topshop bell bottoms, oro negro clogs

Another possible explanation for this outfit combination is because I've been reading "Back To The Garden" by Pete Fornatale,
while simultaneously supplementing it with the Woodstock Diaries dvd, again. Man, I was really born in the wrong decade. You should try doing this though, you get to appreciate the dvd more after hearing insider stories from the people who were actually present during the event.


Michelle said…
Hm.. What's the book about? Great outfit. :) I agree, seems like you belong to another time frame. :))
hey michelle! the book is a compilation of interviews from the different artists and producers of woodstock. one artist per chapter. first hand stories from artists such as janis joplin, joan baez, mountain, etc =)
Hazel said…
that shirt used to be yellow? wow ang galing ng pagka-dye :)
yup, my dad brought home some rit liquid dye from the states before, i dyed a bunch of stuff in a big pot with it, this shirt was one of the luckier victims. i butchered a marc jacobs dress in the process. felt really bad then but ok na now =)
Elizabeth said…
Thanks for stopping by!~
Love your shoes!!
Anna said…
I love this outfit. Your clogs are amazing and I'm desperately looking for a nice pair of wide leg jeans like yours.
Anupriya DG said…
You actually look right out of the 70s! Wish I could be a bit taller......so that I could wear flared denims too!
Anonymous said…
That belt is fab! And you rock those wide-leg jeans.
Chyrel Gomez said…
Really love your hippie style, miss eggplant. Too bad I threw away my bell bottom jeans in high school but i don't think it would still fit me.

Thanks for sharing the book titles you've been reading. I might add those on my wish list.
aw great outfit.
i love that you dyed your top!
that is awesome!
oomph. said…
love the flared jeans...so 70s! i wear mine all the time.

Henar said…
I really love this, cool!!

Duygu said…
gorgeous, I love it dear :))

Melai said…
I love the pants on you!! Bagay na bagay!! :)

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