What I Wore Today: Grease Lightnin' (Femme Style)

As you probably have already noticed, I'm not the type to take fashion too seriously. I'm more of what you could probably call an "everyday costume dresser" or a "method dresser". I take inspiration from anything and everything and try my hardest to make it my own regardless of the stares I know I may sometimes get in public.
Today is no different, I woke up hearing John Travolta beckoning me to my closet and telling me to dress like a 50's greased-up teenage testote-male. This look would probably look a lot better on someone a little bit or much taller than me but what the hey. I also thought that donning a pair of pretty wedge sandals would elongate me more but I also thought that it would take a lot of the edge off and make this outfit sort of ordinary and take away from what I essentially wanted it to be...a greased-out soda pop drinking James Dean wannabe. So I opted for the orthopedic shoes instead! (They are the comfiest pair ever, I swear you can literally run around in them the whole day.)
When it comes to fashion, I believe it is important to dare yourself and push the limits. It's okay to have misses, along with misses come unforgettable hits. I'd rather have a few hits than be another anonymous face in the crowd. After all, fashion isn't just all about the clothes, it's also your personality. =)
Just be happy in whatever you're in, pretend you're someplace else and imagine. It's fun and that's what this is all about!


Mary Ann said…
I agree, ^^ The shoes are envy-worthy! ^^ And they look comfortable to wear, ^^
Luis said…
Love the shoessssssss!!!
Lee Oliveira said…
I love the casual look.. your shoes are amazing
lee x
Anupriya DG said…
Well...a pair of such stylish yet comfy heels are a girl's best friends!! Love the color of your jacket too! :)
Stacey Kay said…
Great shoes.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland
Fashion Ranger said…
Mustard yellow is the fucking it colour! Good look.
Fashion Ranger
Unknown said…
Love that mustard yellow blazer/jacket!!!!!!
I love boyfriendsjeans! and those shoes look heavy to walk in... are they not? =) x
Harija said…
Really cute outfit, it's a well-put together outfit and I adore your style!

Also, I wanted to thank you for taking you time to check out my blog & for leaving me a sweet comment on my blog and it made my day!!

Rigid Goddess said…
a little bit boyfriend look I would say & I absolutely love it! Firstly so many colors into it, secondly those clogs, love love love them!
& of course as you said.. I think that each daily outfit should express us & that is the most important rule in fashion :D

Sanny said…
I loveee the color of your jacket and don't even mention about those heels, they are just FAB!

Have a marvelous weekend! (:
Sanny's Head to Heart
Unknown said…
Loved the idea, who can say no to a Grease like outfit ;) Great jacket, enjoy your weekend! ;)
Sarah said…
i'm obsessed with that yellow jacket!
Chyrel Gomez said…
i can't disagree. fashion is always about expressing your own personal style and it should be fun although sometimes wearing high heels in a rock concert doesn't seem like fun the entire time but hell. haha! i think i just contradicted myself.

nice post, as always. :)