What I Wore Today: Keepin' It Fresh

Of course I was gonna wear my new clogs today!!! Had nowhere to go though, just dropped off my daughter in school so I decided to keep it light and simple. Also, the weather this afternoon was pretty warm. I swear, these are gonna be one of my favorite everyday shoes for the upcoming summer (which in my country I think will be in a couple weeks, I hope not though, still enjoying the cool breeze)

Going to browhaus tomorrow to have my eyebrows sculpted, so wait for another honest review! =)


Chyrel Gomez said…
you are one cool mom! hands down! :)
woohoo! yea, superrrr thanks! =)
Unknown said…
You look so lovely dear :D

Mila said…
Love those clogs!
Thanks! Love you cloqs!
What do you thinka bout following eachother? Let us know!

Cana and Hazal
From Amsterdam
fashion doctor said…
love,love your clogs!!!
Tatyana said…
Beautiful pictures, you are very cute! <3
Nice outfit! very chic liking the clogs too.


Hannie said…
Cool! Loving your necklace!
xoxo from Hannie
Núria C.B said…
Thanks for your comment!! :)
Lovely outfit and lovely clogs! :)
paislea said…
i love that cute little cardigan! it's so cute!

allister bee blog
Stacey Kay said…
Cute clogs!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland
Anupriya DG said…
Oooohhhhhh!! Hot Mom alert!!!! ;)
Love the neckpiece & the long shrug with the hotpants! Well put-together outfit!
This is such a lovely outfit! That cardigan is adorable. And those clogs are amazing! xo
i love the clogs! I am so jealous that you can wear that outside. Where I am from we are still wearing big jackets, and a million layers, warm weather is still two months away!
Unknown said…
new day, new outfit!
im so jealous how you can update your blog almost everyday!
and boy, im sure your daughter's classmates are so jealous of her because she has a cool mom!
ahh thanks for the lovely comment!
hahah your husband forbits them!
i can imagine that;)

love the blog!

xo model from holland

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Lana said…
Please stop showing me what I need to buy! hahaha :) Love the clogs!
Natalie Suarez said…
super cute! i love this outfit!! :)