What I Wore Today: Malasimbo Music Festival Part I

After a two hour road trip from Manila to the Batangas Pier, we were finally on our way to the island of Mindoro for the Malasimbo Music Festival:
malasimbo 2011

I have only been to Puerto Galera (in Mindoro) twice, this trip being the second. The first time I went was more for jetski training for our Boracay marathon rather than a vacation. We stayed two nights in a hotel on White Beach and I swore never to return. White Beach resembles more of a marketplace rather than a paradise for relaxation.

When I heard that the Malasimbo Music Festival was going to be held in Puerto Galera, I contacted my "local" friend and surfed the internet for alternative accomodations. There was no way in hell I was spending another night on White Beach again! Then I discovered Aninuan Beach which is on the other side of the island...perfect!
puerto galera

After an hour long boat ride, we finally arrived on the shore of Tamaraw Beach Resort. We had our own private little cottage right on the beach!

malasimbo 2011

Aaaah, time for some relaxation...now this is what I call paradise! White sands, warm rays of the sun on my face, the sound of the waves, sand between my toes, and a cold glass of mango shake in my hands...Finally, some peace and quiet. Unlike the bustling metropolis that is now White Beach, Aninuan is a quiet little haven with a tiny population. Most of the people staying in our resort were foreigners mostly from Holland and France. The sand was fine and the water was cool, bright and extremely clear and clean. I am a sucker for Galera once again and I vow to return in a month or two.

1st malasimbo music fest

1st malasimbo
A cooler full of beer right on the beach, streaming music from our ipod and lovely company:
malasimbo puerto galera
with our bff's PandF (Dennis is taking photo)
quiet resort in puerto galera
The sunset from our shoreline, beauty isn't it???
malasimbo outfit

And now, off to the first day of The Malasimbo Music Festival!!! More on that in my next post. I just have to say that it was SUPER AWESOME and I can't wait for next year!!!

  • zara hat
  • h&m cropped tee
  • abercrombie & fitch cut-offs
  • cobian slippers

I missed you guys! How was your weekend? Was anyone else in the music fest as well???

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Chyrel Gomez said…
i love the photos and your tee!! :)
welcome back to the metro and to blogosphere!
A N A G O N said…
i always love your looks <3 :)
Mila said…
Looks like fun!
Giovanna said…
I love this place , beautiful just like you!
SabinePsynopsis said…
Beach parties... Aren't they the best?!
Unknown said…
the last time i've been to galera was like 10 years ago.. haha! that beach looks amazing and far from the horror stories i've been hearing about overcrowdedness and dirt! can't wait to see your music fest post! sounds fun!
Aya said…
Good to hear you had a nice (?)vacation(?) :D
Anonymous said…
A beautiful place! The pictures put me in the mood of a summer picnic--can't wait to hear more.
mikenbecca said…
I've never been to Puerto Galera, how sad right? but anyway you look cute especially with your sunnies!!!
Anupriya DG said…
Aaahhh!! Hot denim cut-offs! Glad you had a lovely time! :)
HelenCC said…
yea, Thankz for your visited.
Ok, I have been join your Giveaway already^^
hopefully I'm the lucky one.
lindsey lowe said…
love these pics!! beautiful.
Moniek said…
Great outfit! It looks so great there!
oomph. said…
beautiful place! glad to hear you are enjoying the festival! love the denim cutoffs and rock tee!

Tria Zaluska said…
Love your tees and very amazing place.. love it!

Thanks for put my link on your blog.

I'm following your blog!
ASB said…
I love your look and your blog! that gorgeous beach!! go see my blog! kisses!
Anonymous said…
I love your guns and roses shirt!

Miss Neira
Unknown said…
love all of these photos :)
nice blog :)
follow me on:
Michaela said…
The beach looks beautiful! And your t-shirt's great! Thankyou for your comment!
Marta Cermeño said…
Sorry for not reply before, I've been kind of busy :) Thanks for visit my blog :) I follow you, you have a nice blog!
It will be great if you visit my blog more times and you are free to follow me back :D
Have a nice day, xx
your outfit will also look good in Coachella Music Fest! :) Nice