What I Wore Today: My DIY Of Course!

There you have it, my DIY! Perfect for the super warm weather we're having right now =)

wore it with a tube underneath...

While taking photos, the doorbell rang. My package has finally arrived!!!

I couldn't resist! Introducing my new favorite pair of shoes:

Expect to see a lot of this bad-ass baby from this point on!!!

I sooo love them! Definitely worth the wait!!! The leopard booties arrived alongside these. You can definitely tell which one of the two I favor most!
Want your own pair? order here: chickflickcollection.multiply.com


Gin Kelly said…
nice blog!!! i love d.i.y shirts ;)
fashion doctor said…
you are beautiful legs!shoes so stylish!!!xoxo
We are also love your beautiful tall legs and your shoes are for killing!!

from Amsterdam
Vanilla said…
Amazing shoes!

Love, Vanilla

Yvette said…
i loooove your shoes!


check outmy blog and stay tuned to my daily updates!
Nettie S. said…
That shoes is so badass. I love it. I buy my rings online, in bazaars or in YRYS. :D
Fashion Mom said…
your top is so coool x
lala said…
love your DIY!
and your shoes, oh, adorable! <3

Michelle said…
You should do a post on how you did your shirt! :)
Anonymous said…
I like your blog too, can we be followers¿
what a killer heels (L)
i really love the whole outfit!
i think you rocked it!
thanks for the lovely comment
i have a new outfit post!

xo model from holland
everyday a new post (L)
your comments really mean the world to me! was feeling quite down this afternoon but after checking my blog and seeing your familar thumbnail photos with sweet messages turned my day around. i really do love you all. this is what blogging is all about! =)
@michelle: my shirt is the first photo in the diy, bought this shirt years ago by some japanese brand, the shape went haywire when i put it in the dryer. it got a lot shorter and wider. i really just chopped the sleeves of on this one, nothing really spectacular, cant wait for you to try it! =)
Anonymous said…
Fabulous post all the way around. The shoes are dynamite!
Carys said…
Lovely outfit!!
From Carys if La Ville Inconnue
F. said…
Nice t-shirt ;)

You look lovely!

xoxo F.
Anupriya DG said…
Oh! These shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Love the DIY-ed tee too......as well as your hats! :)
cryskay said…
i love your hat as well. & your boots! xo
Ashley Rae said…
Hello Ms. Eggplant!

Looooovely shoes! I tried to click on the site where you ordered them but it didn't work. You should just sell those Jeffrey Campbell's from the previous post! ;) What size are they? Lol.
Anyway, thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. Come and visit me again soon and I will do the same and follow you.
Btw, what part of the Philippines are you from?

LizAnn said…
Great look! I adore your shirt! You are very talented Ms. DIY :)

VPV Intern
mikenbecca said…
I'm glad that your shoes finally came!!!

Chi said…
haha thank you :)

did you understand what i wrote ? :O
Ashley: lol, fixed the link already, sorry about that glitch. i am planning to re-organize my closet, probably sell some stuff through the eggplant cabinet. still thinking about it. im from manila btw =)
@audrey: yup! i always use the google translator for foreign language blogs =)
@nettie: i love the snake ring sooo much! i have a problem finding rings that can fit my tiny fingers!
Unknown said…
oh dear, why are you always so cool? haha.
love the boots btw!!
aw those shoes are PERFECT!
and i love the DIY very nice!
zs closet said…
loove your shoes!!xx

i love your shoes!!!

Chyrel Gomez said…
love your new shoes!!
Anonymous said…
hot shoes! is it a comfy shoes to walk around? is it heavy?
anonymous: they're very comfy and not that heavy. i use them to walk around the mall in :)
Anonymous said…
How much is the boots?
@anonymous: the topshop cowboy boots or the ones from chickflick? topshop i don't remember so well, around 6k i think, the ones from chickflick are less but close to 2k, P1800 ata :)
inkarlcerating said…
how much are those sam edelman ish shoes!? hehe i cant see them on the site. hehe