What I Wore Today: RAWR!

Hallooo ladies! =) I find myself pretty dumbfounded with not much words to say today. I am really nervous about my giveaway. I never anticipated myself to feel this way. It's quite nerve-wracking (for me at least), I keep on thinking, what if it flops? what if it flops??? I certainly hope not.

While spending my time worrying, I didn't even notice that my "twitter button" was actually malfunctioning. So embarrassing, glad someone brought it to my attention, fixed that little bugger already.

In the meantime, I gave up on that "pages" thing but decided to leave it up there. I think it looks nice, makes my blog look a little bit more professional even if it's not really working. We'll just pretend it's "under construction". =)
Anyway, moving on...this is just my curiosity speaking...what is everyone doing for Valentine's Day? We're just staying in, maybe cook something nice. Dennis doesn't really enjoy being in crowded restaurants...I kind of understand him cause it sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable as well. We had a bad experience in Serendra a few valentine's ago...(this is partly our fault because:) We didn't make a reservation, we seriously underestimated the crowd. We tried every single restaurant but they were all booked to the brim for like the next 3 hours. We ended up having cocktails first then a super late dinner at 11pm. I think that was the last time we tried doing anything like that.

I quite fancy those chefs that host private dinners in their homes for a fee. I find those to be more intimate and romantic. Also very well planned as you have to book months ahead to get the much coveted slot. Well, we didn't do this either, maybe next year...instead, we're just planning to have a late celebration when we go to Puerto Galera this weekend for the musical festival. Can't wait to get back to the beach! =)

Okay...that's quite lengthy...buh-bye! Check you later! =)

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Buky said…
Those shoes are awesome.
Vs day: I'll probably be feeling sorry for my self and rush home ASAP from school.
Bury myself in Homework or something like that.
I hope the guy im "seeing" those something though.
Thanks for the Inspiration
Lee Oliveira said…
Yes, happy valentines day to you. I am away from my partner in New York but its all good.

Chyrel Gomez said…
Love those wedges and I have work on V-day. I'm kinda married to my job. Echos! :)
Ima said…
lovely outfit. Your look focuses on your shoes. Love it :)
Anonymous said…
I love the shoes!
cathy. said…
LOOOOOOOVE your shoes!

Anupriya DG said…
Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your hubby! :)

Tjose shoes are da bomb!!! :))
Inga Žuolytė said…
great shoes!

Anonymous said…
Thanks for your comment, love you shoes! Great blog :)
Hazel said…
never underestimate the crowd during these special events haha i learned that lesson the hard way as well. anyway, i hope you'll enjoy it whichever way you celebrate it :)
Nuria Luis said…
Cool wedges:)

Chyrel Gomez said…
Happy V day! I thought you should know that I gave you the Versatile blogger award. Do drop by my blog. :) I think you were already awarded this but still I think you are a versatile blogger. :)
Jasmine P said…
I love those shoes!!!

Noortje said…
lovely outfit! especially love ur shoes! they're just amazing
Aie Corpuz said…
I really like the shoes! I can't join the giveaway... this is dumb but I am not a twitter girl lol! sending lots of luck to the participants... =)
cryskay said…
those shoes are HOT! xo
paislea said…
oooh! i'm loving the shoes! so sexy!

Bambina Monella said…
thank u for the comments on my set!
love the leopard platforms!!
hope u follow me too!