What I Wore Today: Ready For Battle!

kept everything plain, simple and loose. very laidback, just added a ton of accessories to spruce it up a bit =)
  • top - daintymessy.multiply.com
  • diy coral neckpiece
  • dorothy perkins denims

I wanted to be as comfy as I could be for what I had to do today...which was go to my cellular phone service provider and complain. BIG TIME! For some undisclosed reason, they cut my line off during the weekend without warning and no explanation at all. All my previous bills have been paid for so it really surprised me when I couldn't make a phone call. Stress!

Anyway, I went to their outlet, got really angry, and still had to pay a certain amount so they would re-connect my line. They couldn't tell me why my bill had shot up that much, they couldn't provide a partial billing statement for me to inspect, and they were also quite rude. Actually, just this one customer service rep woman who had a huge chip on her shoulder! I have to wait until my billing next month to find out what went wrong. There is something wrong with this kind of system and I certainly hope they do something about it.

On to other things, I read on several health sites that organic eggs differ greatly from their grocery store counterpart when it comes to nutritional values. My husband recently started exercising and is doing recreational weight lifting (hahahahaha!) so he requires extra protein in his diet. Eggs are a popular option to add bulk for muscle builders but the with grocery store bought eggs is that you can't have too many of them. You risk high blood pressure, etc. So , I thought why not try organic eggs.

We get ours at DEC, it's P280/tray (30 eggs per tray), about P100 more than the grocery. A big price difference I admit but a small price to pay for my family's health. I haven't been on the "new egg" for very long so I can't really tell you if it's made a difference in my over all well-being, however, the organic egg is very different in it's physical appearance as compared to a regular egg. The shell is much thicker, the egg white more dense and the yolk has an orange tint to it with a creamy texture. Why so different right? That's gotta stand for something right? =)

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Vanessa said…
great outfit ;) plz follow my blog V♥
The Perpetrator said…
ooh i love the pants. so laid back! :)
can you taste the difference between organic eggs and non-organic ones?
@the perpetrator: not really, tastes the same, it's more of the texture that's really different =)
Aria said…
Thank you!I really like your outfit!
00000 said…
so lovin your outfit! i like how the red necklace contrasted with the striped top. oh and i like your bag too! right now im crazy for anything tan or chestnut brown :D
Hazel said…
Sun ba yan??? 'cause that scene was quite familiar...
@hazel: yea sun! same thing happened to you? what happened? nakakainis! I had to pay P2800, dapat P750 lang my regular bill (i have unlimited landline calls), i never go beyond my monthly plan cause it's unlimited nga so there's no reason to.so annoying!
Mary Ann said…
too about your phone service. you look great though! and accdg to ur formspring ans., ka-CSI pala kita, ^^ I dig Miami and Las vegas, ^^
Anupriya DG said…
Like the coral neckpiece with the black & white stripes.......casual chic! :)
Claire said…
hi! i love your bag. can you post details about it? tia!
Anonymous said…
This is very Parisian chic. :) Love the stripes and the wide legs. Great post!

james said…
this is so simple but yet, so very chic! i LOVE this!! thanks for visiting my blog dear! and im sorry to hear about your cell phone service troubles. i hope everything works out in your favor!
Fashion Fabrice said…
first I really have to say this: you're SO pretty! Really:) And second: great outfit! i love simplistic outfits and looks, stipes ect..!
you have a great blog by the way! just ran into it:)
I really like your posts because you're really stylish so i like reading your blog:)
I'm gonna follow you!
hope you visit me back and ,if you like, become a follower!


have a fabulous day!
Dreamy Princess said…
Love stripesss!!!

Oh, sometimes companies which make us pay bills are sucks. Maybe because they're too busy? Well, still.. annoying xp

Dreamy Princess
Anonymous said…
That necklace is adorable! I love the casual chic of the outfit--right up my alley.

I'm a fan of organic eggs. The taste is better. I can't explain how, but they're richer without being so. xo
Amber said…
this is a great laid back look, comfy and cute!
What a comfy looking outfit! And I love the clogs! x www.lostinthehaze.com
@ayeth: hi! my bag was a gift from my husband a year or two ago. It's from Prada and it's my favorite everyday bag. actually needs some cleaning already! =)
20 YORK STREET said…
Oh I hate it when my cell service goes down just like that!

I can understand why you'd get so mad! Good thing you look fab!
Chyrel Gomez said…
i had a similar experience with my previous carrier. i had to drop them off because of bogus charges. when i was younger, my lola made me drink egg with royal tru orange every time i get sick. it's really yuckers but now i know why. :)
Michelle said…
I love the jeans!!! :) And does the organic egg taste differently from the regular egg?
Chic and comfort go hand in hand together in this outfit you put together!
lawyerdoll said…
So simple and chic! I adore that red coral necklace... just the perfect thing to keep that outfit out of boring-town!

I hope your mobile-service dispute went well!