What I Wore Today: Sarah Is A Punk Rocker

Yep! That's my name and I also love the Ramones...

hat from Notting Hill, diy necklaces, vintage shirt, lee denims and my new boots
Wearing my new boots today and it made me feel a little bit like Slash, a little bit like Axl and a little bit like Joey, not to mention Sid.

I need a little bit of a drumroll for this....yes thank you Matt,
I am happy to proclaim that I will be announcing my first ever giveaway after I hit 100 followers! Yup, just one more person! Please come my way no.100, the excitement is killing me, can't wait to announce it and have my chance to give back a little to all of you who have supported me through these months. I really, really love you all and I am doing my best to make this a fantastic giveaway.

Sarah =)


whitney said…
Thank you for the lovely comment!

Loving the boots!

Giovanna said…
beautiful look!!!
I love it!
take care
Anonymous said…
The boots are marvelous with that outfit. The necklaces are great! Here's to the impending 100!
Sara said…
Love your outfit and the whole look :) you look beautiful :)
Michelle said…
I love your outfit!! ♥
wow love your style!!

Check out my blog sometimes? :)

your shoes are just...WOW!:) Nice outfit!
Hautepot said…
I just followed officially :)
Samm said…
I want to invite you to check out my fashion blog, if you like.

With love, Samm
@ www.afterstylecomesfashion.com
oomph. said…
love the hat and the tee. nice job on the DIY necklaces!

tweet: @rockoomph
Leigh said…
cute photos, cute look! :)

Unknown said…
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ching said…
oh you look cool. awesome shirt.
Chyrel Gomez said…
Hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog and the visits. I adore the shirt and shoes! Sometimes I forget that you're a mom. You're the coolest! :)
stylefrontier said…
this is a great look!
love the shoess!

C.A.H.B said…
cool i love that look! esp the tshirt!!
*following* could you follow back? xcx

@thecyhrelgomez: you're so funny talaga! i love you soooo mats! haha. please keep visiting and leaving your thoughts for me to read. I promise, they ALWAYS make me smile =)