What I Wore Today: Transition

I am really a beach/outdoorsy/nature-loving type of person and I find it extremely hard to transition back into my condo dwellings after a nice vacation. Manila weather doesn't help much either. One minute, it's breezy, the next it's sweltering hot. Even mall airconditioning systems don't help. Sometimes it's freezing cold and other times it seems like they turn it off for awhile to save up on electricity leaving you hot in your sweater.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who experiences this but after a beach trip, I feel like my body still retains a lot of the heat even after a day of being back in the city. It's like my skin gets really used to being almost totally naked and prefers to reject any piece of clothing attempting to attach itself to it.

When I got back from my trip, I stared at my closet and was dumbfounded, as in a total blank. The weather was too warm for layering but too cold for tank tops and shorts. I tried slipping myself into a pair of jeans but I hated the feeling of being "trapped" in such constricting leg conditions (haha!) so I immediately took them off.

What's the best and easiest thing to wear when you don't know what to wear? Black and white. A nice and comfortable white top is essential in anyone's closet. They are lifesavers. Pair with black shorts, pants, or skirt and you're good to go. No brainer. Easiest thing ever. Just put on some statement shoes or bag and you'll look slick in no time!

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you look so good!! love the white chic top and the leopard shoes!! perfect!

Aie Corpuz said…
Slip on a normal footwear and you blend with everyone else. But the leo print booties will surely make this outfit standout! Effortlessly chic babe! =)
Michelle said…
I looove the shoes!! I've yet to harbor the courage to pull those kinds of shoes off. :)
Lisa said…
hi thanks so much for visiting me :)

i love love your shoes.. they're gorgeous on you! i love anything with leopard print hehehe

i'm following you now would love for you to follow me too!
I hope you had a nice vacation!
I love the outfit, so simple, and yet the shoes make it so fierce!
ahh I am so jealous you are in shorts and a shirt! I just got 20inches of snow! It's crazy! I wish I felt like you did after vacation! but I live in the arctic pretty much so anywhere I go is always so much warmer! and I get back and am freezing!
t said…
Hot shoes!

Claire said…
welcome back to Manila! i'm sure you had lots of fun from your vacation.

Unknown said…
love the shoes!! :)

"coy" colleen said…
it's always hard going back home from a nice, relaxing vacation - i wish i could go to the beach!
great outfit too - i love the shoes!
minnja said…
looks stunning :))


Freya said…
Those leopard booties are seriously slick!
Love em'! And your outfit of course!


Jing Ocay said…
i super like the black and white outfit plus your shoes are to die for.
Unknown said…
i agree, black and white outfits are the best go-to pieces when you don't know what to wear. i love how you paired it with those booties :)
Gin Kelly said…
i <3 your shoes!!!!!!
Harija said…
Love your outfit and you look cute =)

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Sara Louise said…
omg- those shoes are amazing!! For not knowing what to wear- you did a great job!
Jenni said…
hey :) thanks for your sweet comment, im' an existing follower of your blog and entered your giveaway already. cute hat!
Anonymous said…
Nice shoes ;)

Very cute outfit

Fashion Mom said…
you are so lucky with that good weather, here it's still cold and we have to wait for spring clothes. you look so pretty with your shoes and shirt, lovely x
Unknown said…
your booties look great with that outfit! :)
Tori said…
Wish I had those shoes! I follow your blog- follow mine? fashiontrendsmore.blogspot.com
P.S. I am going to join the giveaway:)
theversastyle said…
aww cute outfit! i love it with the wedges! so lucky you had a vacation.. i'm jealous!

Buky said…
Cute Outfit!
you should have worn a jacket/blazer over a tank top (if you wanted to wear one).
Thanks for the Inspiration.
Amy Z. said…
This outfit is so chic and casual! And I LOVE your shoes! I've never seen peep toe leopard print booties!
Kat said…
Thanks for the post, Sarah <3

Jen HaHA said…
Thanks for linking up! Great statement shoes! They are a great idea with black-and-white. Is that a sunroom or porch? It looks like a great place to sip lemonade and read a book. Or listen to music. Nice and relaxing!
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