DIY Bandage Skirt

I know I promised an outfit post but (haha, April Fool's, jk!) Dennis has been awfully busy with work lately and he hasn't had the time to take photos of me. So instead, I'd like to share with you what I have been doing out of boredom :)

I have been searching the net, blog world and youtube since last year for some bandage skirt tutorials. It's been years since this skirt surfaced on the fashion scene but to this date, I haven't found a single tutorial. I find that kinda odd. Anyway, I decided to try making one with or without a tutorial. I just depended on some photos and my photographic memory. Why after two years only now? Because I'm bored and second, none in the market ever fitted me properly. They were either too long or too loose.

I couldn't find the actual fabric they usually use for bandage skirts so I opted for this one instead. I wish I could say this fabric was such a steal but it really wasn't, it's the most expensive fabric my amateur hands have ever worked with at P390/ yard. I was afraid to lay my hands on it and start the project for fear that I might just botch it up real bad and let the beautiful fabric go to waste but it's there so I might as well try.
With my green efforts in mind, I recycled this old tattered shirt into my new skirt's lining. I wanted it to be fully lined with some weight to it so my panty line doesn't show :)
Here's the finished product:

i love the red lining against the black brocade fabric

I am really proud about this project because I honestly didn't think it would turn out this beautiful. I saved me quite a bit of money :)

Let me know if you want a full tutorial on this skirt, I can make another one in a Spring color and document it...

or if you wanna buy one, I'm selling them for P900 or about $21, just leave me a comment or email me :)


✗✗ said…
This is soooooo awesome!! I would love to see a full tutorial on it!! It looks soo good!
this is amazing! i am always so jealous of DIY because I am the lease creative person when it comes to making something.

but this skirt is beautiful! great work on it :)

im actually going to wear my non DIY bandage skirt today!
Christine said…
This looks amazing sweetie, you did a very good job :)

Xo Christine
Unknown said…
lovely DIY! It turned out GREAT! :)
Michelle said…
Having visible panty lines is the thing why I generally stay away from bandage skirts. Now I know that I just have to look for ones with lining! LOL

Great turnout! I looove it!
disco in moscow said…
great diy, i have to try it!
Meream said…
That looks great! Do an outfit post, please :)
Love LuLu said…
Bravo! Fantastic work on that little black number.
awesome DIY!
this looks beautiful, especially with the red lining!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
Wow...the skirt looks amazing!! good job!! thanks for stopping by my blog! If you like it, please be a follower! xoxo
Anonymous said…
look really nice. congratulations.
Longuette said…
interesting DIY! I love adding my personal touch at the guardarobe

from longuette
Paige Rhianne said…
Oh i love that skirt!
ANNIE said…
great DIY!
I would like to see the full tutorial and of course pictures of you wearing it if possible? =P
Burkha said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me some advice on my blackberry cover dilema!!
Your skirt looks very nice! you did a nice job!
I love this blog, I´ll follow!
Wow, you did an amazing job in the skirt! I really love the red lining inside! Bandage skirts are my favorite kinds to wear with loose tops! xoxoxoo
Ooh it looks great! The red lining is so much fun :)!
Wow, this is fabulous! I don't think I could ever do something like this. Unfortunately, I didn't really inherit the sewing skills my mom and grandma have. :P
GretchTM said…
Wow, you have a great talent! The skirt is beautiful!
That turned out great! Nice job!