My Other Love - Bertha Booties by Gold Dot

I have been anxiously waiting for Gold Dot to release their Spring collection since I saw their first announcement about it on Facebook. I'm not sure if there was a date of release on the poster if ever there was, my "Dory" brain forgot. To my dismay, their collection was released during my vacation. By the time I got back to the city, these Bertha Booties were all gone.
They're so pretty and perfect. There is something with the way Gold Dot designs and manufactures their shoes that make them so indispensable and versatile in any wardrobe. You all know I have way too many pairs of shoes already but despite the overwhelming tsunami of footwear in my cabinet, the 2 pairs I bought from Gold Dot still remain to be my most favorites.
If I lose any more sleep over these, I might ask Ms. Duazo if it's possible to special order it in my size. I know she allows this sometimes.

To view the rest of Gold Dot's latest Spring Collection for 2011, visit their FB page HERE

and here are a couple of photos of me sporting my 2 most favorite pairs of shoes from Gold Dot:
if you go through my blog, you'll find a lot more! hehe :)


Burning Skies said…
The Bertha Booties are so fab! Sayang they're sold out. I love the booties you're wearing in the 1st outfit photo too! Been thinking of buying the same one for a long time already :)
dotie said…
I really need to check out their collection..thanks for sharing this :)

eclectic du jour
Miss Bias said…
The Bertha Booties are awesome! They are divine.

Miss Bias
20 YORK STREET said…
I don't know if I can walk in these but I definitely love 'em!




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Twenty York Street
✗✗ said…
Oh my goodness those shoes are gorgeous! Love love love!
Tabitha said…
They do have great shoes! :) The ones you have are just fabulous!
they're seriously gone?? Parang when I check FB hindi naman :| aww. They would have looked smashing on you! I got the Berna naman :)
disco in moscow said…
these shoes are awesome!
thank you so much for your comment!
follow you! cool blog!

Kikay Morena said…
Wow! I love the boots! I want to have those so badly! *drools*

Won't u be giving away those soon? hehe
Elaine said…
Hey! Thanks for your comment! You should go! Always watch out for seat sales! :D

Love those boots btw! But I don't know how to walk in heels. Haha!
Gela said…
i love Gold Dot's designs! but i've never gotten around to actually buying a pair. how comfortable are their shoes? :)

boat ride through the sky
@ava: the berna's are so pretty too! can't wait to see an outfit post. I'm size 7 kse, they're all sold out in black :(
@gela: i guess it's a case to case basis depending on how sensitive you are. I'm pretty sensitive, I can only wear heels with platforms comfortably. Stilletos are out of the question. I wear my gold dot's (both of them) to run errands, go to the bank, grocery, etc. They're really comfortable for me considering their height. You should go get yourself a pair. They really go well with anything and they're really well made! :)
Ooh, the aesthetic of the wedge is incredible!! :)
Jing Ocay said…
lovely shoes.I hope I can walk in heels always.pero for them mgtitiis ako.hahaha
Giselle said…
wow thank you for visit my blog and for your beautiful comment!
I love this shoes and your style!
great blogg :D
hugs from Spain!
Sasmita said…
What a gorgeous pick. I love your boots dear!
But I have never used that high heel. I prefer it medium to likke high.
Michelle said…
Okay, those shoes killed me. It's too pretty, I died looking at them.

Joke lang. Knock on wood.

But it really is nice!!!!

And as usual, I love how you wore them!!
Caro P. said…
amazing shoes! and your outfits are always so fresh, love them!
Caro from TheFashionImaginarium
Marella said…
Amazing booties!
Thanks for your sweet comment!
I really like your blog! Following! Follow back? <3
Anonymous said…
I love the lace on them! get it!

xoxo Miss Neira
Kileen said…
i'm absolutely loving those Bertha booties!! it's the perfect height for me. :)

cute & little
come join the Color Brigade!
Unknown said…
what adorable shoes! i love your style, following you now =)
Brittany said…
You are just too cute! And those Bertha booties are killer!
omg..these are one hell of a RAD shoes!! thankx for sharing..definitely checking them out
Buky said…
Oh man!
Those shoes took my breath away!
Sob* Sob*
I can't afford them! :((
Thanks for the inspiration, i definitely like 1st outfit.