Sapphire Blue Nail Polish

This post is long overdue. A few weeks ago, my doctor sent me to buy some really expensive antibiotics for my breast cyst. During that time, I still had no idea wether or not it was benign so I was really pretty depressed about it. Add to the fact that one week of my antibiotics cost me almost P3000/$70! Money I would much rather have spent on a pair of shoes.

Anyway, while waiting along the counter for my prescription to be filled, my wandering eye caught a glimpse of a beautiful blue shade in a tiny bottle. The color made me feel happy despite it being blue so I quickly grabbed the tiny vial and added it to my purchases.

It was the perfect shade of blue, the blue I have been obsessed about this entire year, the blue that goes so well with coral, and it only cost me P24/ $0.50! Bonus points, it lifted my "pharmacy depression".
La belle polish in Sapphire

I immediately tried it on. I am no way a nail polish expert, I hardly buy any, I just sometimes dabble but I've tried some of the better ones in the market like OPI and Chanel which cost an arm and a leg, but you get what you pay for. La belle is exactly worth it's P24 price tag. You need to put on 2-3 thick coats to achieve the desired shade plus it takes forever to dry and chips off very easily probably cause you have to apply it on super thick. Despite that, it's cheap, I'm not picky and I really love the color, so I'm happy :)

I'll probably invest in a better bottle of polish in the same color after this one runs out but because it's only P24, I have no regrets and I still love it. I bought my bottle in South Star Drug along Wilson Street. :)


This is a great site! I like how you set this up! Great pictures, very artistic!...Daniel
I'm on your post March 22 are not to old !
you are simply perfect

Oh my Dior! said…
I like this shade thank you for sharing :)
Abbie♥ said…
i have that same color from la belle!!! it's such a cheapo! lavet! :) but yeah, color payoff = not good. :(
Aya said…
I like this shade. Too bad the quality of the polish isn't good :\
✗✗ said…
Beautiful!! I have been loving the blue toned nail polishes!!
Michelle said…
I have this feeling that you're secretly my neighbor =))))
Aya said…
LOL @ Michelle's comment :D
Aya said…
I gave you an award, by the way :D
Love the shade!:) I'm currently loving Etude house 's Dear Darling glitter polish :D
strawberrach said…
Such a beautiful shade! At the risk of sounding extremely blonde can I ask what 'P24' means?
Collections said…
Great color of nail polish!
Brittany Powers said…
Gorgeous blue shade!! Found your blog off another fashion website & so happy I did! Please swing by my blog if you have a chance.

New post up about Bohemian Fashions!

Following you, follow back? :)

@iloveleopard: P24 means 24 philippine pesos :)
@michelle: i know, i saw you were in unimart a few days ago! i think we're bound to bump into each other one of these days! hahaha :)
thanks for the award Aya :)
lawyerdoll said…
Gorgeous color, anyway. I hope your test results come out well for you... good luck!
carinamodella said…
this is one of my fave nail polish colors :)
Bandit16 said…
LOVE IT! I must look it up and buy a bottle myself. Thanks, and hope you're feeling well!