Stone Temple Pilots In Manila - A Dream Come True

Last night, one of my dreams came true. After more than 15 years, I was finally able to watch STP live. And it was awesome. More than I could ever have hoped for...
They opened up with Crackerman. I have always been a huge fan but I never anticipated how I reacted when I first saw them on stage. It felt like beatlemania to me. I was in awe, at the same time ecstatic, at the same time light-headed. At some point I thought I was gonna faint. I was screaming my lungs out and clapping so hard the entire night that I guess my body just lost way too much oxygen than I could intake.
They sang a total of 15/16 songs, I'm not sure if my count is accurate. I don't trust my rational state of mind last night. Included in their set list were favorites like Big Empty, Plush, Dead and Bloated, Sex Type Thing and Interstate Love Song which got a gigantic roar from the crowd and some audience participation during the chorus. They also played some songs from their new album which were equally kick ass.

The lights were very impressive and had a lot to do with the whole mood of the evening. Scott Weiland slithering around the stage like a snake in a sea of lights is a sight to behold.

They blew my mind. I was just totally mesmerized. I couldn't believe the concert lasted that long. I was expecting it to be half its length. Each time the lights dimmed down, I was afraid that the last song they sang might be the last or second to the last song of the concert. They proved me wrong over and over to my delight.
Proof of how much I enjoyed it? Bruises on my palm from clapping too hard:

thanks for the photos Steph Amane :) I couldn't take any personally, was too busy screaming and jumping up and down.

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Michelle said…
Looks like you had an amazing night! I was gonna say props to you for being able to still take photos. =))
Laura said…
Love STP... Never have seen them live though. Glad it was an amazing show for you!!!
my hubby loves STP, but too bad he wasn't able to see them :( Oh, about the tag. Sorry I forgot it was still on draft last night!=p But now it's out. SOrry!:)
Hautepot said…
I feel like a loser for missing this. Why must work always come first? Niko had very shaky videos to show me :)) he couldn't stop moving and singing along!
Jillian said…
aaaah i love this post! i'm a huuuuge fan of STP and i've seen them live about 5 times! each time they were absolutely amazing. the first time, scott dressed as hedwig and the second time i saw them, he got completely naked on stage and wrapped himself in an american flag (it was right after 9/11). so patriotic, isn't he? he's toned it down since then, but he's still an awesome frontman.

i'm so glad you got to see them! you got some really good snapshots, too!
Chyrel Gomez said…
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! it kills me to know i wasn't able to watch them live but this has been the best post ever. gawd! i miss being a groupie! major life envy over! :)