What I Wore Today: Beach Bound, Coral Shores

First of all, I hope you're all okay and no one was directly or indirectly harmed from the recent tragedies. This may sound crazy but that same day, at about eight in the evening, we headed for the beach. I was a bit scared until I learned that my friend's beach house in Calatagan, Batangas is located on the other side of the country and a totally different coastline. Whew!

So nothing really special about "What I Wore Today" cause we were basically just lounging around and being lazy doing these:

Has anyone tried Mismo? It's terribly complicated. Ended up packing it up and replacing it with good old time favorites, Guesstures and Taboo:

Btw, we baptised Dennis with the name "Sharkbite" during this trip and that's how I'm gonna refer to him from now on (because of the movie Couple's Retreat, he's very similar to Vince Vaghn's character, lol). SO anyway, there's Sharkbite on the bike, and our other friend practicing to ride tsunami waves on the Indo board:

and me lounging around the garden:

Here's a few snaps I took en route to Coral Shores...

Donut stand in the "bayan"/ town proper:

and a little church I found quite charming:

a cooler full of beer, some tiki torches, and our lazy "mascot dog", Halo:

Look at how calm the water is:

and a bonfire by the beach...roasted hotdogs anyone?

It was too cold to swim but just inhaling the fresh saltwater breeze was more than enough to compensate for that. How was your weekend folks? :)


Aileen Kim said…
i love that sexy beach glow of your skin on the 6th photo! I miss the beach so bad...that's one thing i miss here in the highlands.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
oh my! i am in love with your hat--so beautiful. i have one that is very similar. i am following your blog now. would love if you could check out my site!
Michelle said…
I agree, I love the 6th photo! :) Looks like you had fun! I love your top! :D
i cant wait to hit the beach too!!! :)) that's when i visit phils in april. YAY!

✗✗ said…
You look soo cute!! I wish I could go to the beach!!! It looks so fun.

Thanks for stopping by my site!! I'm following now!
Sam said…
ugh!! missing the beach so much! but good for you! :)

we fellow filipino bloggers should follow each other :D

Anonymous said…
I just have to say...you are so damn hot on that 6th photo!!! =)
Annabelle Fleur said…
Gorgeous hat, so chic!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog:) Now following!!

Lisa said…
love the picture of you walking away!! your floppy hat and blouse are so chic it looks like a style magazine editorial somewhere in the tropics!
Fabiénne said…
thanks for an amazing comment!!! love the post!

stephanie said…
i absolutely LOVE that beach hat! your post makes me want summer so badly! thanks for your comment!
Ray said…
great photos:)
Unknown said…
so cute i love that hat!! thanks for commenting on my blog :)

<3 steffy
Thank you for your comment on my blog! I love your pictures in this post- I have never heard of the game in the first picture looks fun. You should follow my blog :-D <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
X said…
lovely shirt! thank you for your comment.
Unknown said…
Thanks to leave a comment!
Such a nice pictures,especially the one that you are walking in the grass!Looks like a fashion editorial!Nice!

i'm following you. How about follow me ?
Anonymous said…
i love everything about your outfit, esp. the hat!

hey! I'm so glad you like my blog! yours is supercute too!

i follow you now ;) xoxoxo
Katherine said…
It looks like you had so much fun! What great photos, I miss the beach.

Thanks for your kind comment! I followed you, if you have the chance please follow me back :)

GretchTM said…
It looks like you all had a great time. The beach looks beautiful! I love your hat and outfit, very relaxing. :)
Karoline Kalvø said…
Nice photos and outfit some place in there. Love your blog.

Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.
Karoline Kalvo
Stephanie said…
thanks for commenting!! loving that colorful red top, you guys look lovely at the beach =)
Unknown said…
Such pretty photos!
Such a cute blog!


make sure to
check out my blog!!..

Unknown said…
Lovely outfit, so summery! Wish I was beach-bound!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting ^_^

Kristen Leo said…
the photos is the garden are amazing! <3
You are so cute! I adore your shirt and that big floppy hat! xoxo
Lívia Salazar said…
great pics, love the garden!

Vanessa said…
Your hat is amazing!
I'm glad you were safe at the beach and had a fun day!
Viv said…
i'm jealous of the warm weather, i can't wait til it gets nicer out :)

L.D. said…
Me likey your top!!!! :3 Ganda ng pagkatan mo :3
Bea said…
I know! Coincidence. I was kind of scared to go but I'm glad I did anyway. I would have kicked myself if I passed on the trip only to realize the waves would be calm. :P

Mascot dog! So cute! Thanks for reminding me. I need to bring boardgames next time.

Bea from A plus B
wow! donut stand! :) cute!