What I Wore Today: Benign!!!

What I wore to the doctor's office:

diy silver chain
diy black jersey camisole
wide leg pants from summersault
clogs from summersault
vintage leopard/chain belt from mamita

A few posts ago, I was ranting about a visit to the doctor. I didn't want to talk about it then but I guess it's okay to share it with you guys now.

About 2 weeks ago, I discovered a red dot as big as a pea on my left breast with a lump behind it. I brushed it off thinking it was just an insect bite from the beach or the mandatory pimple before my period. Weeks passed but nothing changed. It was still the same size if not getting a bit larger. And after a week another one appeared on my right breast. This got me alarmed because we have a long history of cancer in our family, breast included.

So I went to the our family doctor to get e referral. She sent me to another doctor who examined it more thoroughly and gave me a prescription for antibiotics and some ointment plus an ultrasound appointment after a few days. No diagnosis yet. I thanked her and got my prescription. Headed to the pharmacist to get what I needed. I groped around my bag for the white piece of paper containing the list of medicines I needed. As I flattened it out on the counter to get a clearer view of her handwriting, my eyes grazed upon her job delegation beneath her name. It read cancer surgeon. I didn't realize til then that I was referred to a cancer specialist. This got me really depressed and anxious.

My ultrasound was scheduled for today. I was a big bag of nerves! Thanks to prayers from my very supportive family, the results read benign. What a relief! You would never imagine how good it feels to be given a clean bill of health...well sort of. It's a breast cyst and some form of medication and treatment is still needed but that's a walk in the park compared to how much worse things could've turned out to be.

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Anonymous said…
Fabulous news! I'm so happy for you! xo
Anonymous said…
Thank God it's benign! I'm so happy for you!

I love the pants by the way. :-)
Abbie♥ said…
Oh god that's good news! I was kinda into it while reading this post. :) Glad you're OK! Awesome pants, btw!♥
Michelle said…
OHMYGOSH!!!!! I didn't know what benign meant so, reading the post I was like,

No way, No way, Oh no.... THANK GOODNESS!!

I'm soooooo happy for you! And once again, AMAZING OUTFIT!!
Glad to hear you are going to be ok! I'm amazed you were able to put together such a great look when you were so nervous!
Giovanna said…
Fabolous! you look great
Aie Corpuz said…
Im glad it's not the big "C"
Get well soon babe!
Aww the big C is scary and I'm glad it's not that. More prayers!:) I love your outfit too, sarah! btw, I tagged you :) God bless!
i like your wide legged pants! very pretty! :-)
Caro P. said…
Glad you're doing ok! Lots of prayers!
Those wide leg pants are amazing! :D
Caro from TheFashionImaginarium
Unknown said…
love those wide leg pants :)
wow, u make me tremble a lil thank god you are ok!
i hate anythng with the word cyst, i had two eye cyst/tumor in both eyes and was scheduled for an operation withing 3 years. it was scary.it looks like its coming back. im glad u shared your story :D prayers for you

Andrea said…
good news! great!

love your pants ;)

i'm so glad you're okay!!!

i love this outfit though, the pants are amazing!
Aileen Kim said…
i know exactly how you feel...found a lump in my left breast the size of a peso coin years back. After months of much contemplation i finally gave in and had surgery...am sure you know the relief i felt when i got a negative result. Am happy you're all right. Hugs!
mikenbecca said…
OMG I cannot wear that pants :-( ... you looked good in it though.

Anyway I have a friend that has a cyst too on her breast :-(

oomph. said…
great news. so glad everything turned out ok. love those wide leg pants...they are so in right now!!

Sara said…
Omg, your pants. They are amazing!
DeBi said…
that's great news! I just can't imagine if I am in your shoes...

I love your pants...so pretty
Anonymous said…
What a relief!
thanks for all the kind words, i really appreciate it. blogging has become part of my life and a great outlet. it's because of readers like you who are really sweet. i look forward every morning to checking my blog and reading what you all have to say. many thanks again! :)
@liya: hope you're gonna be okay and that it doesn't come back, i'll include you in my prayers :)
Burning Skies said…
Great news! Btw, I love the wide-leg pants!

Marinka said…
I really like your pants it reminds me of those in the Chloe collection
Sweet said…
whew!!! I am really glad that you are okay...I was quite scared while reading this post....good thing praise god!!!! nothing beats a good prayer in times like this...

I love the wide trousers it looks like a maxi skirt to me...

Trixie said…
The outfit is very chic - I really like your belt!

As for the benign tumour - congrats! You're right, a benign tumour is much, much better than cancer. I'm glad you're ok :D
Grace said…
Amazing skirt! totally love your look. xxx
Imsu said…
Love those pants! So chic.

Bethany Struble said…
ahh happy to hear you are okay! praise God!
thanks for following
and your question: I am 18 years old. :) turning 19 in july!
you are so beautiful. i love your blog for your honesty and sincereness. <3

Fashion Mom said…
oh! I am so happy that you are ok! what a relief!! And you still look so pretty! amazing xxx
Natali said…
love your pants, very dramatic