What I Wore Today: Crossroads

franco sarto shades
bench envi organic shirt
summersault weave belt
glamour studio trousers
oro nero clogs
my new "everyday" ring from anagon
cross connector from golddot
silverspoon ring from oneida
mango bracelt, the rest are diy

Not in the best of moods today so I didn't want you guys to see my eyes. Perfect time for my new sunglasses.

Went to the hospital today for a check up. I don't wanna talk about it yet until I'm sure about what's wrong with me. You all should just know that I hate hospitals and western medicine. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I despise medicine, especially the pill form. I always look for alternative natural remedies. In this case, I cannot do that yet but once I know what's wrong, I will, and if it's worth it, blog about it cause it might help someone else in the same situation. Hope you're having a better day than I am. Enjoy your weekends folks!

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Unknown said…
I love your outfit! It's simple yet so chic! Please enlarge you photos a bit, I would love to see them bigger. :)
@channie: i don't know how, i already set the upload setting to large but they all come out the same size...:S
Catherine said…
I love your pants, darling. Wow <3
Sophia's Lover said…
Sizzling hot chocolate
and coffee with a dash of liquer.
A snowfall
winter in paris
chocolate chaux en hiver
ballet slippers hanging from
the ballet bars
a grammophone left playing
while no ones in the room.

I love this whole outfit. Great pants and shoes! Hope all is ok with you. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
I hope you get better, first with knowledge, then with the medicine that truly heals you! xo My thoughts are with you!
Michelle said…

I wish I could pull off half the things you wear!
Roma is Love said…
miss eggplant, I sure hope you're okay. i'll include you in my prayers. feel free to watch our toy video on hospital days! those toys make me smile all the time :)
@roma: thank you! that's so sweet! you made my heart smile :)
Hope it's nothing serious :( But do get well soon! Love the outfit! Clogs too!
fashion doctor said…
hello,darling!love your shoes!fabulous!xoxo
Holly said…
Very nice outfit and I love the sunglasses!
Natali said…
Love this outfit! AND, you will be fine! I just know it!
ching said…
i like how casual and effortless this look is. very nice.
Anonymous said…
Hope you get to feeling better soon.
Love those pants!! And I hope everything is okay and it's nothing serious!
Unknown said…
Love the color combo!

Following you now :)
Nice post babe! I'm Following you now! [:

Make sure to follow me back too!!!

Dana Paramita said…
love your clogs <3
Leia said…
I hope everything went okay at the doctor! Being ill is no fun :(

Noelle Chantal said…
Love the camel trousers on you! And the clogs are nice as well. I hope you a re doing fine. Have a great week! :)
Théa Unknown said…
Love this outfit :)

Théa Unknown
NerdGlasses said…
Love the outfit. NICE
Your blog is amazing!
Following you!
Follow me too?
LM said…
Nice t-shirt :)

LiveLoveDressup said…
Lovely pants and really fun shoes! I love look; so chic! :)
love those trousers paired with those clogs, FAB! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Jessica said…
I love how you look casual and very chic. Your sunglasses are great.
Anonymous said…
i just loooove your trousers! :))

Toni Perfumed Red Shoes
Andrea said…
i love your look!

i am following now! follow me back <3

Bar said…
I really like your style and your blog.

Following you!
excellent look,great shoes and great blog as well!:) thank u so much for leaving me your comment!!:) i have started to follow u on google and bloglovin...enjoy your day!:)
Ashley Rae said…
I love these pants on you! This doesn't look good on everybody but it works for you.
I hope everything turns out well for you. I'm sure it will. :)

strawberrach said…
Hope you feel better soon, love the outfit, and your blog!! Definitely following :)

Endlessly Chic said…
Love the outfit and those pants!
Estelle said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog dear! I'm following :) I hope you're feeling okay and that it isn't anything too serious! I love these pants and those heels! x x

REALLY LOVE your clogs!!!looks so chic on you :)

nice pairing with clogs!

theversastyle said…
i hope everything is ok... hugs!!

Francesca said…
Yay new sunglasses! The best type of medicine is a mixture of western and chinese I've found. My sister has really bad eczema and is finding that Chinese remedies are slowly working after 15 years of Western medicine NOT working! Anyways, I'm a new follower and I hope you follow me too :)

Leigh said…
love the pants and the shoes...great outfit! :)

Anonymous said…
simple outfit and i like:)
i like your trouser also your shoes!!!

i wish you have great days.and everything would be ok:)
really love this classic, sleek look on you...hope i can pull it off. i need to layer accessories when i go out..hehe.

get well soon..and i hope the findings from your check up are nothing serious.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
Burning Skies said…
Love the outfit! So simple yet oozes chic-ness :)

Kikay Morena said…
Love your look, very fashionable. I hope you're doing great. :)

Meg said…
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Unknown said…
great look!!!

xoxo from rome
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Unknown said…
thanks for the blog visit! im glad you did as it gave me the chance to see your blog , i am now a follower. i love your style--chic and laid back :)
Anonymous said…
Simple yet chic.

xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com