What I Wore Today: Fuzzy

diy jewelry and turband
zebra maxi worn as skirt
pink top
jessica simpson dany's
self-designed clutch from my old fashion label tacona
I know the title of my blog post isn't at all related to what I'm wearing. It's just that I could hear this song over and over in my head while I was uploading these photos. I used to love that song. Actually I still do, very much. That's why it's stuck in my head. It's one of those great songs from the nineties that has been forgotten by most.

Anyway, I was down with the flu the other day. Got well after just a day of rest! My secret? Lemongrass Hydrosol! It works wonders! And you can also use it on wounds as an antiseptic, great for kids, no sting factor here. It's also great as an all-natural mouthwash and facial toner, lowers cholesterol, fever, etc. look it up. It's great to have at home :)

See you later! I leave you with Grant Lee Buffalo! May you have an LSS (last song syndrome) day like me! lol! Love you all! :)


Mxx said…
I absolutely love your maxi cum skrt. Awesome!!!
Superblondeep said…
I'm glad you like Chanel No. 5. nobody around me likes the smell ... everyone says it's very strong smell of elderly, old .... no one understands me ... I'm glad to find someone who understands good perfumes:)) kisses and thanks for your comment!
iamjillyace said…
love it! :) just noticed now, you look like pia guano :)
Roma is Love said…
you're wearing those shoes again! I could never get enough of those! love it!!! (especially now I'm in dire need of pretty pretty sky high black shoes!!!) get well soon fashion eggplant!
A N A G O N said…
you are my style icon <3 :)
Michelle said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love the turban. Nice touch. :)
✗✗ said…
Such a great outfit. That skirt is awesome and I love Jessica Simpson's Dany heels! They are so great.
@anagon: I AM SUPER FLATTERED! thank you! mwah! :)
lala said…
i love the zebra maxi!! :)

Erika said…
You look wonderful in maxi skirts!
It-Blogirls said…
wow such a beautiful outfit, absolutly love it
Miy said…
Thanks for stopping by at my blog.. answering your question, that picture was taken on a seaside cliff at Jogja, Indonesia.

The Picnic Girl
Amber said…
You look so gorgeous! I really love that maxi skirt!
@miy: so pretty there, perfect place to tie the knot! :)
Bonnie said…
I want your skirt.
Like, super bad.
Like, whoaaaaa bad.
And that's a lot.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Anonymous said…
love your look, the skirt is so pretty<3
nice blog,

Gertrude said…
Love the shoes and the top! Must check out more about the lemongrass hydrosol then! Wish I can get rid of the flu in just a day! Thanks for sharing xo
Jen_A said…
Amazing outfit! Love your skirt!

Anonymous said…
Thanks for your comment.
Love the zebra print skirt, it's so in right now.
Hazel said…
the zebra print is so cutee! and the song is actually nice! slow and soothing!
Dilan Dilir said…
nice outfit :D

Follow each other? :D <3
M said…
cool skirt! i love the red accents!

Anonymous said…
Cool photos!!

Nice blog!

xo thefashionguitar
daisychain said…
LOVE your outfit, so much x
oomph. said…
i love this so much! animal print, maxi, danys...all my favorites!! lucky you got the black danys!

I love the way you wore that maxi into a skirt. Innovative indeed.
Love the skirt! ... So stylish ;)

Unknown said…
No one could ever pull off that skirt as well as you did! Well, at least I couldn't! Such a fabulous outfit! :) Love your blog!
Burning Skies said…
great outfit as usual! I love the maxi dress turned skirt :)

theversastyle said…
i love the zebra... animal prints always get me

wow i need to use your trick! i'm always sickly..