What I Wore Today: Go For Broke

Look at my face, doesn't my smile look painful today? I only have one pose/outfit photo for you today because I have a terrible migraine!
Remember yesterday I was talking about infusing more color into my wardrobe? Ha! I am rebelling against myself...and probably because I don't feel so well too, I wore all black! I am such an anarchist! haha
I love this giant elephant pendant. :)
Let me just say that I am already anticipating a great depletion in my bank account this year. Just visited Chuvaness blog, shoe store Call It Spring (similar to Aldo) will be opening in Robinson's Ermita, okay fairly exciting but I bring you ladies news that will make you squeal and forget your boyfriend's name for at least a minute....

Jeffrey Campbell is coming to MANILA!!! I was in SM Megamall today to get some tickets for a concert, had a little extra time on my hands afterwards so I decided to take a look around the department store to score me some colorful things. And guess what I found, tucked in a little corner with no sign just a little table display, is a Jeffrey Campbell plastic standee. Only a few pairs of shoes are on display, mostly flats. The real launching of all the fabulous sky-high JC shoes will happen this month! What date in particular I'm not sure. I just know that I plan to make myself present. Hence, zero savings, no more bank account but a closet brimming with footwear! Dreamy...

I only had about an hour to spare so I tried to make the most out of it since I am rarely in Megamall. I made a beeline to Forever21. I still find it overwhelming. I tried real hard this time to find something I liked, saw a pair of khaki's, some cute boots and really nice nude patent platform pumps. I don't really need another pair of boots so ixnay on that, I tried the pumps on, they were real pretty but they hurt real bad too. Can't imagine my feet in them for more than an hour. Took my khaki's and headed to the fitting room, my god, the line there gets really long. I had about 30 minutes left so i just left the pants behind and decided to go back to the dept. store.

I wanted some lace/printed stockings, Kate Torralba has a new line available, really cute designs in bright colors but not so much my personality and I couldn't be bothered to try on tights, maybe next time. I didn't find anything I liked.

So many wonderful things in SM! I definitely have to head back for at least half a day so I have time to really look around and try things on.

Much to my disappointment, this is all I brought home: Fanny Serrano eyelash curlers. They're real nice though, gets all my eyelashes in one go. I think I read somewhere that they're patterned after the Shu Uemura's. Definitely a great buy. I'm real happy with them.
My latest ebay acquisition:
My posts have been quite lengthy lately don't you think? I just keep on babbling and babbling...anyway, buh-bye. hope you all have a great day! :)

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lala said…
lovely outfit! :)
Pattie said…
l love the outfi and the sunnies!
Aie Corpuz said…
i think they have JCs in SM makati already!
thanks guys, simple lang today :)
Love the necklace! Hope your head is feeling better!
@aie: OH NO!!! hahaha! do they have the lita's? :)
Sweet said…
yes i love the outfit and that necklace too...that is awesome I know everyone is going to be crazy shopping for JC shoes...I am quite lucky that the prices here in Bangkok is not as expensive compared to the Philippines and I still get 25% discount as a member...

cute!!! leopard shoes!!!

Style With K said…
oh i love your new sun glasses!!!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
@sweet: you're so lucky! :)
I can't wait for JC!! and i love your wedges!!
Meg said…
I just love the shoes! They are amazing!

Isabel said…
i love your necklace!
This may be all black, but its super cute and we know that's all that counts! I love the elephant necklace.
Ashley Rae said…
Love the outfit. I'm always a sucker for all black.

FBJ said…
cute elephant necklace

Unknown said…
love all of the photos :)
nice blog! i'm gonna visit it again :)
come and check out my blog on:
Just came across you blog! You have some amazing pieces!


i love your elephant necklace! been looking for something similar!
Superblondeep said…
I love your leopard shoes!


kisses :))
Unknown said…
your elephant necklace and shoes are fantastic! great look!

dash dot dotty
Honey Andrade said…
I super love your ensemble. :D Babe, there's JC's na sa SM Makati.. :) That's where Kookie Buhain and Laureen Uy got their leopard platforms..
daphne said…
i love your shoes! are those available in other SM branches? :)
@honey: hahaha, sorry, may forcefield ako, within greenhills area lang, sometimes nag exceed ng konti to ortigas, but makati is just usually reserved for eating, rarely! i guess it's age haha! so embarassing! :)
@pattieta: added you to my blogroll dear :)
@daphne: i got my shoes from chickflickcollection.multiply.com :)
Karrisa_T said…
Those booties are fabulous. It doesn't matter if you wore all black today, the booties made up for the spunk. :)
Gillian Uang said…
I love your sunnies! If you don't like it anymore message me! I'll be glad to buy it. hahaha

@gilian: hahaha, I sense a shopaholic here...:)
Burning Skies said…
1st time to visit your blog! I like your shoes :)
Excited also for the Jeffrey Campbells!

Veronica said…
Cute outfit!!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

Fashion Mom said…
you look stunning!! that necklace is also amazing!
hope you migraine is gone x
krista said…
aaaa best news I heard so far!!! :)
Catherine said…
love your outfit, beautiful!! <3
Emilie said…
Thanks for your comment =) Great Outfit, I love your shoes!!!
KAY. said…
oh! what a great outfit,
love those wedges.

please visit&follow my newblog:
Chyrel Gomez said…
I nearly died reading. Is this for real? They're opening a shop in the PI?! Huzzah!!