What I Wore Today: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

My Mamita brought home this pair of socks for me from the States. They kinda look like they were made for eleven year olds. They have pink and powder blue pastel flowers around the top. I decided to have fun with it.
I didn't even really dress up, I was already wearing the denim cut-offs and gray tank for lounging at home. I just added some accessories, an old, sky blue eyelet cowboy shirt from Roxy, the "Dorothy" socks, my Oro Nero clogs, and I tied a knot at one side of my old and tattered tank top (the holes don't show in these photos :))

I think I'm a little too old to be wearing outfits like this one but I guess once in awhile is okay. It helps keep me young :)

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Very cute! Nice work incorporating those socks!

-Tara @ Haute Lunch
Lex said…
Love the socks and great pictures you pose very well
congrats to your mum! the socks are so nice! :)

Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous look!
Love those socks!

I love this. It's very cute. Sometimes it's good to dress a little younger. although I think you totally pull it off.
ash said…
it's always fun dressing up like a little girl! you feel young and cute! :))) looking lovely!

A N A G O N said…
I love the second photo!!! :)
Michelle said…
You have NOOOO idea how much i looooove this outfit!! :D
disco in moscow said…
you look great!

Roma is Love said…
You're a mom already? I cannot believe it...you're so skinny! :) hope I could maintain my figure when I become a mom...way to go fashioneggplant :D
Hazel said…
2nd photo I super like! you look like laughing :) and the socks are oh so cute!
Cute! I love those shorts.
Aileen Kim said…
a nice mix of girly style and sexiness. Love it!
Your legs look amazing with those socks so it doesn't matter about age :)

Looking lovely!

www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3
✗✗ said…
Ahhh I love this look on you!! Very cute!!
Anonymous said…
It's a cute look...and I haven't a clue about your age.
I love the socks they are so cute :)
iamjillyace said…
love the socks! :) paired well on your outfit ;)
OneCraftyFox said…
Very fun outfit and you look fabulous!!
Hollie said…
such a fun and cute outfit!
carinamodella said…
love your outfit from top to bottom!
Nettie S. said…
Awww cute outfit! <3
Emily said…
those socks have a very 90s feel, I'm always in knee high socks when the weather is sort of in between hot and cold. I can tell you had fun playing dress up at home.
Dolce Gabanka said…
You have legs like a model :) Fanny socks :) Like it :)
noone said…
nice socks! thanks for your lovely comment on lookbook, I dress younger than my age all the time haha it helps keep me young too
Essiefashion said…
Really nice outfit :D!!!
not too old!! the second photo is so cute! dress how ever you feel..thats what i always say! love the clogs and stripped socks so cute!

Unknown said…
Nice look! Kisses:)
Caro P. said…
awww! this look is soooo cute!
i'd love to wear this kind of knee-high stockings!
Caro from TheFashionImaginarium

PS- love the fact u had a lot of DIY clothes! i do the same thing!
dolceedamara said…
Hi, thanks for visiting and leaving a nice comment! Love your this outfit too!
theversastyle said…
i love this and the pictures!

These look adorable on you. I say you can totally pull them off (forget the age)!
Thank you for visiting my blog the other day and the lovely comments.
Love meeting new fashion loving mommies.
paislea said…
i love your outfit! so cute!!

Anonymous said…
cute outfit!loving the socks! linked your blog on ours! <3

hi!!! Really beautifull outfit :-) i like it so so so much
who's old? who? heheh we're not getting old, we're just being fasheeoonn.. hehhe nice outfit dear you really rock it! thanks for dropping by my site and those pretty pretty nice comments, kisses!