What I Wore Today: A Lighter Shade Of Pale

crochet silver cardi from pink manila
diy white cami and silver chain
anagon peace necklace
thrifted bag
golddot wedges

I know someone out there has already used this song as the title of their blog entry but I couldn't come up with a better title and I really love this song by Procul Harum, so there.

Anyway, I got me an iPod touch 4th gen today and I'm so happy with it! Sharkbite said he wasn't interested and didn't wanna shell out any money for it but the moment I arrived home with it, it's been tightly clasped in his palm. I have had a total of 10 minutes to play with it. It is just impossible to squeeze in any me time with my new ipod when sharkbite and my daughter are constantly arguing over who gets to play next. It is like a miniature iPad. I highly recommend it :)

See you tomorrow! LIVE GREEN.
peace out :)

...haven't said that in ages!


Very cute! I love my iPod Touch as well!
disco in moscow said…
you look so pretty, i love the shoes!

Harija said…
looking cute!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
My Lyfe ; My Story
You look adorable. I am jealous that you can wear shorts already. We are slowing warming up to short sleeves but that's about it. Sigh... Enjoy your Ipod if you can get a hold of it soon.
♥ mia said…
luv d cardi! and shoes :D
Michelle said…
Ohmygosh. Everything you put on, I fall in love with! :)
Christine said…
very cute look :)
Jessica said…
you look super cute and comfy! love your necklace paired with your cardigan. i think this weekend i will buy a brush for my cat and brush him regularly...he's shedding so much right now!
Unknown said…
adore your outfit, especially the shoes!

@michelle: guess what? i bought the cardi on sale for only P350!...hmmm if my match serves me right, more or less $5? tama ba? hehe
katou said…
Love your outfit so simple and comfy love your wedges!!!
Aie Corpuz said…
lovely wedges and cardi! =)
Carlijn said…
thanks for your sweet comment (:
nice outfit, and lovely blog! xx
Your shoes look so like the jeffrey campbells! I have never heard ofgoldot xxxxxxxxxxxx gorgeous xxx
mistytewest said…
wow looking hot and gorgeous my dear!!! look at those legs...and yes the shoes...I am coveting on them...

Caro P. said…
Im loving that cardi! i would wear it everyday now that cold is arriving to the South! :)
Anonymous said…
I discovered your blog, I love it! great outfit.

now following!
rachel said…
I love your shoes! Amazing <3
✗✗ said…
Such an adorable outfit!! I really love it!! Great shoes!
lala said…
lovely wedges!! :)

ash said…
simple and comfortable :)
your wedges=win. Love it!
Gillian Uang said…
I love your outfit!
madam said…
Super like this outfit!<3
Love the outfit, love the shorts, the cardi, the bag and the awesome wedges! :D
Roma is Love said…
I love your wedges! :D and the peace sign necklace...it's so consistent with the vibe of your blog! :D hope you're having a swell weekend fashioneggplant :)