What I Wore Today: No More Lonely Nights

I have been such a big slob lately. I have consumed so many boxes of chocolate crunchies (remember those? love them!), I don't know anymore how many bags of cheddar n' sour cream Ruffles and Pik-Nik Ketchup Fries I have gone through this last month. I ate everything on the couch or on the bed. Needless to say, I've been feeling quite fat and bloated lately. Yeck, can't control my urges though. Didn't help at all that our tita sent us over a box of these:

sooo good man!!! yummy to the max! haha
I was eating my heart out the whole day cause I didn't think we were going anywhere then around 6pm Dennis tells me we have to go to a wake. Uh-oh...so I wore this white shirt again. I really, really like this top. It's so soft, comfortable, cool and loose. I think I'm gonna go back and buy it in different colors :)
Paired it with Mamita's maxi skirt from the 80's which was about 2 sizes too big for me so I just folded the top twice and added a belt. Wore my new Dany's too! I am really in love with these shoes. I wanted to order more in a different color but they are all sold out. Trying my luck on a plum pair, I think it's their last pair. Hope they still have my size.

Been noticing a lot of bloggers with cute backpacks lately. I love B's new dooney and burke backpack (of A Plus B in the Sea) so I thought I'd give it a try. Took out my old Prada tessuto backpack that has been in storage since I graduated high school! It's still in excellent condition though. Dennis didn't like it. I said maybe he just wasn't used to the idea of a "backpack" yet same with when he first saw me wearing my wedge booties. Looking at this picture though, I think I kinda get why he didn't exactly gush (haha) over it. It looks like I'm going to school:
Remember back in high school when it was cool to wear your uniform skirt real long, match it with slouchy St. Michael's socks and loafers? Preferrably by Cole Haan? Hahaha! Memories...I wonder who here is my age and had the same experience. Remember those plaid and leather backpacks from Tickles that everyone just had to have? The Benetton or Esprit wallets, scrunchies...I didn't realize how much a maxi skirt could make me feel all nostalgic about the past! Hope you have a great day!

Don't forget the Laura Mercier workshop on March 10!

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Hautepot said…
Yo sarah! Did you get the Danys in a size 7? How'd they fit? I want a pair too but smaller sizes are hard to come by. Checked their size chart and the 7 is SUPPOSEDLY just 5 cm bigger.
hey lana! how was your trip? saw your post kanina but I've been having problems leaving comments on pages that use disqus for several days already. yup i got a size 7, they're true to size. footbed is just right, straps can feel a bit loose or maybe cause the shoe is a bit heavy but once you tighten them to the right spot it's fine. i heard they're all sold out? they still have the plum colored ones on their site. trying to get a pair in those too but i haven't received word yet if they're still available :)
Anonymous said…
Effortless, lovely look. Summer shirts are always so difficult for me to find, so I think you *should* grab that shirt in a couple of other colors--the cut is great, and it's clear that the weight is good for the heat.
Kristine said…
Where did you order your shoes and how much? Are those Jeffrey Campbell's? I also love your top, where'd you get it? :)
I love this outfit. It looks so comfy yet really chic and stylish.
lala said…
love your shoes!! :)

wow!! You have JC litas! Am I correct?=p hehe. Super love your loose outfit :) You don't look like a mommy!
Superblondeep said…
I like these shoes ... they see that very many bloggers ... I think I should get some! hehe :) Thanx for your comment on my blog ... i follow you ... follow me please, would be an honor.
Fashion Mom said…
you look so lovely in that outfit , and i suppose that i am much older than you but when i was 18 i had also a leather backbag and already kipling wallets and purses, but i never wear long skirts, still now ;-)
@kristine: they're jessica simpson dany's. got my pair thru zappos.com around $90 i think. and my top is from summersault :)
@ava; you don't look like a mommy too, pwede ka pa sa high school. you're so cute! hehe :)
@superblondedeep: already following you thru gfc :)
Joyce said…
Love the white shirt! Where is it from?
Chyrel Gomez said…
I really love those Jessica Simpson shoes of yours. That's the foxy wood, right? Would love to own a pair of lita's and the one like yours.

The skirt and top are rad as well. Before it used to be a major no wearing long skirts and you're stereotyped as a conservative or madre but look at the times. :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
Oh, Happy Woman's Day to you Sarah! :)
Marlén said…
Love your style in this pic! The shoes looks amazing, and to be able to pull of a back pack. I think it looks great but couldn't wear one myself :)

Love M