What I Wore Today: Paint Splattered Purple Stockings

They're purple stockings, I swear! lol, They just don't photograph well. Bummer!

topshop jacket
forever21 dress, this is for sale if you're interested, just leave a comment with your email ad so i can get back to you :)
purple tights I got from a multiply shop years ago
Anagon + diy necklaces
jessica simpson dany in black

Please don't forget to turn off everything at 8:30pm tonight for Earth Hour! :)


Ellen ♥ said…
I like the bag and the shoes :) yes earth hour tonight :)

Michelle said…
Love the outfit!!! :) Yeah, will definitely be turning everything off for earth hour tonight! I hope my family cooperates!
Anupriya DG said…
Love love love the satchel!!! All set for Earth Hour! :)
Anonymous said…
Super Cute!! - C
Hazel said…
that's the satchel you recently bought, right? really nice! and cute f21 dress!
Woods said…
the print on your shirt is awesome and i love your purse alotsss! and shoe too
Nice bag! ;) Love your shoes! I'm thinking if I should buy ba in the US. :| May new stocks for the tan color and I really really want. Kaso lang, I'm tipid for now. Haha.
David said…
WOW! Very lovely. First time here and I'm enjoying your pics. Yeah I support the earth hour.

Good day folk.

Claire said…
cute outfit! love the shoes and that bag is fantastic! what a great color! you look great.

I can see a slight hint of purple in your stockings on my screen. Love how it looks with your fabulous dress.
Loving the purple stockings with the turquoise or green vibe!:) pretty!
Carla said…
love your shoes!
Lola said…
love the bag! great outfit! xxx
Marella said…
You look grat dear!
HM said…
Hey, thanks for the comment! :) I love this look! So fun and flirty! That bag is lovely!
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much! :D
✗✗ said…
Great outfit!! I love the print on the dress, so great!
Unknown said…
love the bag!!!

xoxo from rome

(there's a GIVE-AWAY!)
Sandra said…
I love this outfit! :)

P.S. Your blog is really cool. I'm now your follower. Please follow me too if you like my blog. :)

jhengpot said…
cool! i like the dress! :) pwede bang ipareffle mo na lang yan? hehe...
nice blog, fashionista, simply rocks!
MosaMuse said…
loving the green/blue bag with the purple tights.

Beautiful outfit! Your shoess and bag are amazing!

H&C from Amsterdam
Jane Alisa said…
Wonderful outfit, love the bag. xoxo
Aileen Kim said…
i do get that weird photos when shooting some purple too...the color almost always turn into a different shade! Love the outfit. We had fun camping out for the Earth Hour!
Plami said…
Fabulous outfit!!! The shoes are breathtaking!


Ar-Ar Malalis said…
Lookin' good on that purple stocking! just followed you btw :))
Unknown said…
Hi sweetie!!
I loved your blog. Very interesting!!
I am already a follower.
Could you follow me as well??
And if you do not mind to follow the twitter, I would appreciate a lot!!!!
Oh and, my blog is in Portuguese but I do understand English so you can comment!!!
Kisses xxx
Alice Dias

E.L.F said…
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taaara. said…
love your shoes and jacket.

daisychain said…
WOW, I really love that dress!
Vera said…
Cute dress! And your bag is amazing x
Melissa said…
fell in love your your shoes. amazing!
helen turnbull said…
dress , shoes, bag ♥

Helen, X
Jenny said…
Bag + Shoes= Amazing. I love how you styled this outfit! The print on the dress is also quite lovely. xoxo
lydeeloo said…
really like your shoes, are they comfy? i love the style and have been eying them for a while haha ugh. love your big green bag! xoxo
Caro P. said…
The shoes and the bag! <3 love them!
ANNIE said…
cute outfit!
I adore your bag, the color is so perfect for spring =)
K said…
Pretty outfit (especially the bag)!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

K xx
@maye: get it na! it's sooo worth it! i wanted tan too but when i bought mine they were all out. still waiting for my purple pair to arrive :)
@lydeeloo: they are surprisingly comfortable. just be careful when walking. they're quite high with a real risk of twisting your ankles. just don't run in them, you'll be fine. lol :)