What I Wore Today: Vintage Color Blocked

Tried the color block thing. How'd I do? :)
mamita's green blouse
mamita's skirt which I totally altered into a mini

Have you guys tried Banapple? I'm so glad they opened up shop here in Greenhills. They're food is soooo good and sooooo cheap! Even better, they deliver. Everything on the menu, I think, is less than P200 :)
sorry about the green tint, used my hipstamatic. didn't have my slr with me :)
yummy hamburger and lasagna roll-ups. Servings are huge too! :)

Later folks! Thanks for all your lovely comments. My readers are definitely the best out there, lol :)



Dale said…
Color blocking trend is really fun. I love your shoes :)

Caro P. said…
Loved how u color blocked and add the animal print, looks soooo cool!
btw... the food, yuum! it made me hungry!
Caro from TheFashionImaginarium
Unknown said…
You did this so right!
The leopard booties
are the icing on the cake..


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Karrisa_T said…
That shirt was your mom's? Too cute. Your booties are super rockin'! :)
Mxx said…
I love the colours (so Prada) and, well, the shoes I am dying for. I love animal prints too.

Thank you for the blog comment. Really love hearing from you!

Thank you for the tip. I shall give Banapple a try next time I am in Manila.
GretchTM said…
Adorable look! I like the color combo. It worked out well!
Sandy a la Mode said…
you did great! i LOVE all the colors and the leopard print shoes!!
Loving the color combo and your booties are to die for.
lovely color block! and your shoes are AWESOME...<3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
Burning Skies said…
I love how you color blocked! Must try out this trend soon :)

Oohh, I love Banapple! I didn't know they opened na pala in Greenhills.
Camilla said…
wooaah amazing shoes

xxx Camilla

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Roxy Heart said…
Nice color blocking! Looks great!
✗✗ said…
That outfit is soo great! Love the shoes!
Anonymous said…
Great outfit!
Followed. Maybe you wanna follow me back.
Anonymous said…
you look great, i like that mix of colours with these leopard ankle boots. i'm gonna follow your blog, follow me too ;)

Michelle said…
Is this the banapple that just opened near east greenhills? I've always wanted to go there!! :D
Sasha said…
you look beautiful:) I like the skirt most of all though:)

Unknown said…
cute photo

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Great example of color blocking! You have great style!

Angie said…
Loooove the boots..:)



Don't bother to pass by anytime..:)
dolceedamara said…
Love the colors of your outfit!
Courtney Laura said…
love love love the colours!!

soo great for the warmer weather!
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Love the color blocking, sarah!:) and the shoes is just awesome!
Very cute outfit! Love the bright colors!
JoID said…
Love the color blocking, and mix with the shoes... Amazing!!! I am being careful, I'll be a new follower, grat blog and of course, your style,
xoxo JoID
Joey said…
Excellent colour-blocking! I think you did great. Love the bright blue and green and those shoes. omg those shoes are awesome!
It-Blogirls said…
WOW such a beauuutiful outfit, I love the mixture of the colors its perfect!
Joey said…
Btw, thought I had followed you, but oh well, following now :)
Imogen said…
Love the green and blue together.
LittleMissLee said…
love this look, great use of block colours, those shoes are fab!


What a lovely outfit!!

H&C from Amsterdam
Hanna said…
lovee your outfit! really pretty! and I love your shoes :)

disco in moscow said…
love the color blocking, great shoes!

Roma is Love said…
just had cake and pasta with friends in bannaple last Friday :D love my cheesecake! :D by the way...i love those shoes! how many times have I issued this statement in my comments? hahaha :) but they're really pretty...sniff sniff
Unknown said…
Thx for your visit en my blog...You have a nice blog..

the colors in the look are perfect..

Unknown said…
Nice look, I love your shoes! Kisses:)
Sofia said…
You look rad as a chic rockstar!
wow the colors look smashing, love the combination with the gold. and the boots look fierce. not an obvious combination, but i love it.
Ayanna Michelle said…
I like it! You carry brights very well. And I love your shoes!

Quench Fab
Plami said…
You did great with the color blocking!!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!! And love your shoes!


Khlaren said…
I haven't tried Banapple yet but I would love too! :-)
ediot said…
you do look so so great. i love the color blocking so much.
wish you a wonderful week dear
you did amazing! Love this look...xo
steph said…
I've been meaning to try color blocking...I think I might have accidentally done that today (by just putting 2 solid colors on). Those shoes are amazing! Love the contrast in the simplicity of the color blocking but the boldness of the shoes!
Joanna Kr said…
love your blog!following you!!
pls check out mime I'd love your opinion!

@michelle: yup! try it out with the boyfriend! then after have some yoghurt in white hat :)
thanks for the lovely comments everyone! i always have great morning coffee while reading your comments and visiting your blogs :)
I adore this combination, color blocking rocks ;)
Hazel said…
really? where in greenhills??? i miss banapple! haha and i love how you combined green with blue :)
Anonymous said…
I´m loving those leopard print shoes.
Aya said…
Waaaa yummy! I want lasagna now too! LOL

Those shoes are fierce! :D
i love banapple's longanisa with the creamy scrambled eggs=) YUM!

love your outfit=)
Chyrel Gomez said…
you did a good job! i haven't really tried socks on shoes and color blocking. love those leopard shoes. how many pairs of shoes do you own?
LOVE this outfit, colorblock is such a fun way to showcase those fabulous pieces from your closet! Love what you came up with!

@chyrel: good question, i honestly don't know. will count them one of these days. i got curious too :)
dollygirl said…
hi, where did you get your leopard shoes?
dollygirl said…
hi, where did you get your leopard shoes?