What I Wore Today: Watercolor

Eversince my daughter started her summer vacation from school, my daily schedule has been out of whack. I am still somewhat overwhelmed with all the free time, I've been procrastinating a lot, haven't been paying as much attention to my blog either. The new games I got on my iPod aren't helping either. I'm so addicted to cooking mama, fruit ninja and angry birds. LOL! :)
It's really beginning to feel like summer already. It's too hot to put anything on my skin. Right after I step out of the shower, I start sweating. Eck! I need to buy me more shorts!
my new shoes from my recent trip to SM, love them :)
watercolor georgette top from the showroom
protest shorts
vintage belt and earrings
Parisian shoes

On a different note, CONGRATULATIONS to the Philippine AZKALS for winning against Bangladesh 3-0!!! Keep it up guys, you have our support!


Abbie♥ said…
Agree! I used to love summer a lot, but now, the heat is just too much. :(
Ang cute ng shirt! Looks so presko.♥
Congrats to Azkals!! love em! and your outfit is indeed summery! love love the colors!
Aya said…
Love those shoes!
Donna said…
what a sweet looking top <3 i used to be addicted to cooking mama too, but i've only played it in my ds game :)
Kim Slr said…
love your shoes!
Karen said…
Great outfit!! I love the watercolor inspired shirt - perfect spring wear!!


Fashion Mom said…
omg! that shirt is amazing pretty! it's fix you so well ! x
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous shoes--they would make anyone hot, but they look especially so on you!
Unknown said…
love that floral shirt, and the shoes are so cute!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons
The Perpetrator said…
cooking mama is so fun! i get so hungry. i don't like angry birds so much... makes me stressed! ;P AND i love your turquoise bag! the color is so yummy!

Thanks for linking me, dear! Gonna link you back too! =)
Femme Virtue said…
love those shoes! gorgeous! i love angry birds! haha
I love your look so much, that blouse is so beautiful.
Ey!!!! You hace nice a blog ;) Thanks for visite mine!!

Jean-Jean said…
cooking mama is worth being addicted to ^-^
i love your shoes, and that blouse is beautiful.

Michelle said…
Love the purse

And of course, the rest of the outfit is AMAZING!! :D
Unknown said…
Cute outfit!
Loving the colors & that bag is to die for


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Very cute! I wish it were that warm here! It might snow in the next couple days!
Khlaren said…
I like your top! Haha! I'm addicted to games too atm! I'm currently playing Zombie Cafe and it's very hard to stop :))))
Caro P. said…
Those shoes are awesome and the watercolor shirt too! :)
Enjoy the heat! im missing it already round here in the South!
Caro from TheFashionImaginarium
Sienna said…
wow i love the bag, what an excellent color. the shirt is so gorgeous because of that bright colors. i'm not a big fan of those kind of shoes because i think they look too heavy, but not when you have the nude version. it looks so stylish and fabulous with that white skirt.
I love the way you put your outfits together! You've given me lots of ideas for my own wardrobe since i want to be a little more adventurous with my clothing

Hazel said…
oh wow, enjoy the free time! :) and yes, it is really hot nowadays! cute shoes from parisian!!! :) btw, i gave you an award.. check it on my entry: http://dressmeupbuttercup.tumblr.com/post/4086703024/nails-award
I am so obsessed with Fruit Ninja too!! haha. Loving those shoes lady...looking fab! xo
Isquisofrenia said…
oh girl your shoes are so pretty want want!!!
Sunters said…
Lovely outfit

Khlaren said…
I'm addicted to playing games too atm! I'm currently playing Zombie Cafe and I can't stop! Haha!

Eva said…
gorgeous outfit
Lisa said…
ohhh seriously love your shoes and your bag!!
Aileen Kim said…
glad you're joining the earth hour! Am loving the break from my son's school cuz now we get to be spontaneous and not follow a strict sked! Love your outfit esp the summery top!

Have a great weekend and hope you have fun doing a little smt special tomorrow for earth hour...in the dark!!!
Andrea said…
cute outfit :) love it!

Sia said…
Love the outfit!! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love Sia x
amalie said…
lovely top, and love your bag!
Gloria Zaytsev said…
Thanks for the comment.
Love your blog, I follow you now!
Great shoes! & I adore that blue purse.

Annabel said…
you have amazing legs! And your shoes are so amazing, they make your legs look a mile long! Love everything about this outfit...

Meggstatus said…
I love the pop of color in your blouse, it's beautiful and so appropriate for spring!
@khlaren: oh no, why did you have to mention that? now i'm off to the itunes store to look it up! lol! :)
@mybeautiful life: thank you! glad i was of some help :)

@hazel: thanks, i'll check it out sweetie :)
thanks for the lovely comments everyone! my readers are the best! :)
✗✗ said…
Ooo that is soo pretty!
Kait H. said…
love your shoes and bag!! this outfits super springy and fun!


Perfect warm weather outfit. Love the shoes & the outfit!


Megan Hattie said…
wow, those shoes are amazing! I want to own them in like... electric purple or something :). thanks for the comment!

marjorie rose said…
Hi! New here but I just wanted to say how much I love your effortless style! You rock those heels!

I wish I had all the time in the world to peruse your awesome blog.. will visit again very soon!