What I Wore Today: Yellow Submarine

wore my chunky silver diy necklace with my new peace sign necklace from Anagon :)
also dug up my old Polo high school bag, just gave it a good cleaning. good as new. almost.

'Was in Greenhills this afternoon to pick up a few things. While I was lining up at the atm machine, I sensed a commotion on the floor above me. After a few seconds, I saw a guy rush down the stairs and go past me. Running after him was a gang of muslims shouting and screaming. After them a huge pack of policemen soon followed. The floor of the platform started shaking violently and we got bumped by some plain clothes law enforcement people. It was quite scary only to realize after a minutes that he was just a shoplifter. I guess all those guards stationed at the doors to check bags are bored out of their wits and die for some sort of action to release them from the monotony of their daily routine.

Pity about the shoplifter though, I heard he was beaten up by the guards and muslims. He was such a scrawny little man, kind of a pity too. They should've just billed and booked him.

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lala said…
your top and pants really matches!!
adorable :)
Mary Ann said…
no doubt the crook won't be shoplifting anytime soon, ^^
Carys said…
Cute outfit!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue
Anonymous said…
Great stripes! And you look fantastic in that hat.
Hazel said…
woah, poor guy! i wonder what he stole? if it were just some petty clothes/shoes... then those guards overreacted!!!
Michelle said…
Aww... You're right. They should've just made him pay like twice or three times the amount. Beating him up was uncalled for.

But I guess that's what you get for stealing.
Michelle said…
Oh! Your anecdote distracted me from what I wanted to say in the first place! :))

But when I saw the Anagon haul you did, I said I was excited to see how you'd style the accessories.

Now that I see this, I never would've even thought to wear those three things at the same time!

You're awesome. :)
I super love your trousers!! huhu I've been waiting for something like that and now it's haunting me!
Maggie said…
Such a cool outfit, you always look so effortlessly stylish!

@michelle: super thanks! i'm so flattered! hehe :)

@ava: i got them super cheap. around P500 lang ata if i remember right :)
Caro P. said…
Hey! u have a lovely blog!
and that outfit its amazing, i could wear it everyday haha
Im totally following your blog now! follow me back?
Sabrina T. said…
i definetely love your style:)like stripes and army trousers!
Follow me dear??i'd be very happy if you do it!
kisses from Italy..
i wait u!

Love your trousers! I wish I could pull off that look but I have huge legs right now and I´m petite. lol!

I totally get your Greenhills anecdote.Hay, I missed Greenhills, used to shop there a lot but with the zipper of my bag always at the front side. ;)
Kat said…
amazing outfit!!! love love love your pants!! :)

Madeline Weber said…
love the outfit! the hat is adorable

xx http://madelineweber.blogspot.com/
@dressing up for me: LOL, still hold my bag close to my body to this day. lost 2 wallets there already through the years!
thanks for the sweet and lovely comments everyone, will be visiting your blogs and returning the favor as soon as I can :)
Hautepot said…
Hey! good to see you are well and SHOPPING :) Hahaha!
@lana: retail therapy keeps my mind of things! :)
GretchTM said…
That is a cute outfit! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Are you pinay? I am Filipino.
Thanks for visiting my blog today! Love your outfit!!
potpie du monde said…
I love this relaxed chic look! I am always such a huge fan of stripes :)
@gretch: yes i am, born and raised here :)
Sarah said…
Love the stripes! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love yours - I'm following now :)

Please follow mine too!

mode. said…
love your shoes! i would never have thought to put them with that outfit, but it looks great!
<3 mode.
cryskay said…
you look so comfortable! love the striped top w/ the olive pants. xo
great outfit ! love it all over.

& thanks for your comment.

I love your outfit .. shoes are amazing !
Lynn said…
great top! X.

Unknown said…
Love that hat! Darling outfit!
Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. I really appreciated it. :)