What I Wore Today: Pale Comparison

Been feeling quite uninspired lately, fashion-wise. I really need to inject A LOT more color in my wardrobe soon. Had to do a few errands today. Mostly just bank and check stuff, that kinda thing. So I wore this:
I guess it looks alright but I felt terribly boring in them...
Went back home to drop off some groceries before picking up my daughter from school and thought I'd slip into something more comfortable:

But I wasn't too happy with this either :(
Something's wrong, it's like the fashion light in my brain just went dim. *poof!* It feels like PMS but I think it's a little too early in the month for that. I wanna go shopping but I don't feel like spending any more money.

It's hard too when I go shopping, I guess I'm just more of a "neutrals" kinda girl. Even if I know that I have to buy more prints and color, when I get to the shops I automatically and subconsciously tend to buy more blacks and whites. Even when it comes to shoes, I have been wanting a pair of bright blue and bright yellow pumps since forever but whenever I'm about to get myself a pair, something in brown/cognac/camel always catches my attention and ends up in my closet. I really must get over my indifference to color! Sounds like a challenge to me. What do you think? Would you like to join me on a color challenge???

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Chyrel Gomez said…
I can't blame you for having the lack of brighter colors in your outfit. I wanted to wear something bright myself but I always go back to black. It always fall on black days.

Color challenge sounds interesting though.
I think you look gorgeous in both outfits. Love those jeans and your clogs. That blouse fits you perfectly as well. color is a scary word to me as well. It would be quite the challenge.
@chyrel: hey there! long time no see, was wondering about you. how've you been? :)
Trendsetters said…
Hii! Thanks for visiting & commenting, so kind of you :)
We're following now, great blog and style!!

Jing Ocay said…
That color challenge sounds fun!haha.why not poknat.hehe
I love the 2nd outfit with the skirt.your shoes are gorgeous.
Hazel said…
in shoes, i agree with you.. i tend to favor the safe neutral colors.. :) hmm would love to enter the color challenge.. ;D and btw, you look great on your 2nd outfit! skirt does make a whole lot of difference!
I feel exactly the same way! The majority of my closet is filled with neutrals! I'm going shopping on Friday, so I will join you in attempting to incorporate more color into my wardrobe! You still look very cute, though!
Anupriya DG said…
Like the color of your shirt......& the skirt looks nice too! :)
I'd love to see you in bright colors!!!
hi!! thank you so much for ur lovely comment on my blog xx
i love ur skirt and the blouse :) cute xx
Christine Yun said…
ahh don't worry I'm just like you! I always get attracted to the black stuff because I think realistically I'll wear it more often.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, please follow me and I will gladly follow you back! =)

Darling, that skirt-shirt combo is gorgeous! And what's wrong with neutrals? They're totally in right now anyways. I'm planning a personal color challenge myself. I've started with the accessories cuz it's just easier to start slow and plan to be all out colorful by Spring ;)
Carrie said…
Love your outfits! Great blog too!! I know I get caught up wearing alot of dark colors but I figure in my part of the world we are still in winter mode. Spring is close and will soon be wearing colors and prints! If you have a chance check out my blog! You have yet another new follower!
XO Carrie
Anonymous said…
Love that skirt:)
You always have great style

derek said…
you look so cute!
and just stick with what you like!!!
I love the jeans, they fit you perfectly and I adore that color, just amazing. The blouse is so delicate and has a fabulous color. Love this outfit
thanks for the kind compliments everyone! :) and thanks also for following. big kisses! :)
Buky said…
The skirt outfit is so cute!