What I Wore Today:

My Sharkbite is away on business for three days. Today is the first day and I miss him already. Not used to being apart for more than a few hours.

We had some early cocktails in the dark last night during Earth Hour. I look forward to Earth Hour every year. There's something about cutting yourself off from everything that is very appealing to me.

How did you spend your Earth Hour? Should I add more holes to my stockings? Lol :)



Michelle said…
The boyfriend and I spent earth hour in McDonald's. greenhills was so dark last night! LOL

LOOOOOve your outfit!! I love the stockings and the shorts!!
Anonymous said…
Had dinner with my little sister candle light style, was actually fun! ... So love those boots the heel is amazing, thanks for stopping by my blog and for thw sweet words!

<3 Cess O.
The Outfit Diaries
Mxx said…
We didn't have earth hour in HK at all... =(

Lowing your outfit... it has an edge to it. Wish I would have the guts to pull something like that off.... you are lovely!
i spent it having sushi in downtown. haha... so the lights in my house were all turned off. hope that helps ? =/ lol! thanks for droppin by. hope you'd follow my blog too if u liked it and if u havent yet. thanks! :)

Kristie said…
Cute outfit! Love the touch the ripped tights add to it. :)
Unknown said…
d-y-i-ingg!!!! Love the outfit.. Those shoes are killer!!! Your werkin them!!


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Cherie said…
oh those shoes.. i super love them on you!
oomph. said…
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oomph. said…
this is the best kind of outfit...comfy and casual...with some smokin shoes!!

I am so digging your boots. I have been in the hospital for a few days. :(
Roxy Heart said…
Cute outfit!
Thanks for your comment!
Anonymous said…
love the looks!

Hazel said…
i spent it sleeping haha :P just because i was dead tired upon returning home... but still, at least my lights were off ;P

and the stockings have just enough holes in it. :)
Ceciliaefendy said…
Thanks for stopping at my blog
this is my first time to visit yours, i enjoy it a lot!
Nice post. I love your shoessss <3
love the t-shirt and the hat. looks a little bit more rock and rolla with a touch of 70's punk
disco in moscow said…
love everything, especially the shoes! amazing!

Sid said…
i love your outfit. your shoes are amzing! where did you get them?
✗✗ said…
I love the outfit!! The stockings really make the look!! : )
Anupriya DG said…
Loving the whole grunge look.....those stockings are super-cool! And I've been looking for a peace pendant like this one since a long time - but no luck till now!

I love Earth Hour too.....feels good to be a part of something followed all around the world.....I just lay back & listened to nice songs for the whole hour - very rejuvenating, I must say! :)
@polka princess: do you want the link of the store i bought my necklace from? you can ask her if she can ship thru mail :)
Thank's for your comment! I love your stripped tights and shoes!! :)

Regards from sayqueen.blogspot.com
Jing Ocay said…
I participated last night's Earth Hour.ang saya kasi the streets are dark.ang cool lng na andami pala aware sa Earth Hour.hehe
I love those shoes.:D
Juliet Polilova said…
wow i do love this outfit! you look amazing in that boots :))

kisses from Russia,
Natali said…
I love your style!!
Bar said…
Woooooow I really love this outfit!! So cool!
AMAIA said…
I like this outfit! you look great :)

Aya said…
The shoes are loooove! :D

BTW, I posted my giveaways winnings already. Here's the link http://ayanagrace.blogspot.com/2011/03/stila-giveaway-winnings-with-swatches.html

Thanks again :D
Noortje said…
really love this outfit! so cute.
nice blog you have
GretchTM said…
I love this outfit! So cute!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :) I'm now following.
Anupriya DG said…
I'd love to visit the link from where you've got this beauty......thanx! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
your stockings a diy?! nice! :)
Unknown said…
you are adorable in these photos! Love the shoes :)
Angelica said…
I really like the holey stocking look (:
New looker on your blog, come check out mine?

Anonymous said…
thanks for the comment :)

wow those heels are insane! complements the simple outfit!

Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com
Khlaren said…
I love your shoess! :) AND I like Earth Hour too! Haha! Last year, we were in the middle of our graduation ball and the lights had to be dimmed just so the hotel could participate! :))
Sick by Trend said…
shoes!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3
Anonymous said…
It goes perfect with the ripped nylons :D
Very nice outfit

Nuria Luis said…
Lovely rocker look, broken tights are cool;)

great look! The hat looks fab with the rest of the look :)
Chuck said…
Ooh, love your clumpy shoes. Nice outfit.
Ellie said…
I love this outfit (and those shoes!!). I love earth day! All of Times Square was turned off for an hour, it was amazing. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!
Have a great evening!
Joey said…
Cool outfit! It's something I'd totally wear myself. I like that you're rocking the hole-in-stockings look, you pull it off nicely!