Jeffrey Campbell Lita: What's Your Flavor?

I have been wanting these for a very long time but my "mom budget" keeps telling me they are too pricey. I am really, really tempted to throw all caution to the wind and just drop the effin' credit card bomb. BOOM!

If ever I do decide to live vicariously this month, I will need your help choosing the perfect color. God knows, they are all lovely and if you leave me alone in one of my shopping crazes I may go home with not just one but two beautiful pairs I cannot afford.

So, help please, I need your vote. What's your favorite Lita? :)

BTW, Any of you have been to SM lately? Which ones do they have right now and how much? Thanks! :)

COOL UPDATE: Just came from SM Megamall's Fashion Forum. New Jeffrey Campbell stocks will be arriving within the last week of April 'til the first week of May. Re-stocking of Megamall branch will be simultaneous with Makati's.

order online or wait for SM??? :)


Hazel said…
ohnoes! all of them look great! but i vote for the army green :D
Aya said…
Oooooh the pink is cute! But I'd go with the beige one :D
Christine said…
These are so cute, i definitely vote for the pair in the third picture, gorgeous color that will go with everything :)

Xo Christine
oooo, those are really cute~! I gotta say, I'm leaning more towards the neutral ones because I see them paired wonderfully with khaki harem pants :)
Anonymous said…
the second one (the hairy one) is too much for me. all the others are lovely, hard to decide. :s
These are so cool and way too many colors. I guess you will have to base it on what color you will wear the most. I love the white ones but not sure if they will stay clean. Pinks ones are adorable as well. Very spring.
socialitedreams said…
the brown in the 3rd pic or the purple in the last pic, AMAZING
Michelle said…
I want the brown bootie!!!!
@nicole: hahahaha, not helping! :)
fashion doctor said…
wow,love,love all!thank you,dear!xoxo
iamjillyace said…
woot woot, love the coloooors!
I like the pink one at the beginning!
They're all so precious.
I like the Multi-Glitters one or the Pink Pony! :)
modern.girl said…
thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment!

wow! that pink one is amazing!

OH so many great colours!
The pink is pretty cool though.

I love the third one!
Aya said…
I WANT one of these too!!! Ahhh I just love them all! But I love glitter, so I would have to go with either the sparkly one or the pink one! Good luck choosing, and please post which color you end up getting! xoxo
Anonymous said…
ahhh I'm in love with the sparkly ones but they would be so unpractical...I'd say go with the beige :D

i really, really want the glittery ones but i'm afraid to get them. leaning towards black and nude
disco in moscow said…
i'm in love with the sparkly Lita's, but they won't be wery practical, so my choice is: beige or the black ones.
maybe you will like them - ?
Anonymous said…
wow!!!! thank u so much for the heads up.. ;) love them all ;)
Unknown said…
I have a huge crush on Jeffrey Campbell, so I'm going to say my flavor is ALL of them! ;) Happy Monday! x

love the nude baby! just me, imagining our weather here in the philippines hehhe..wait for SM para live mo sya makita hehhe..pero it's up to you pag di na makaantay, go to online then BUY it! goodluck!
Collections said…
I love the sparkle ones. The fur ones are WAY too much for me. I wish I could walk in heels that height, I'd definitely purchase them then.
Tricia said…
They're all so gorgeous! I love the pink, brown (3rd photo) and the gray! :-)
noone said…
ohh they're all so unique! I like the chewy chubaca heels the best haha, and then the pink suade ones.

I'm your newest follower btw, you have a great blog!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your comment. We like all :)

Follow and visit us on our blog:

xoxo, Lauras.
ediot said…
they are not really something i'd buy myself, too high for me. but they look nice on others
i would choose the pink if i could walk in them
hope you're enjoying your monday
thanks for stopping by me
Caro P. said…
Want them all!!!
Go for the pair on the 3rd photo!! :D
oh how i wish i can splurge on jeffrey campbell shoes...they're truly L-O-V-E...<3

and oooh, if i were to pick color, i'd pick the classic camel or tan pair..they can be paired with anything!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
strawberrach said…
the ones in the 3rd picture are gorgeous :)
Gorgeous Clara said…
I adoooooore these shoes! I have them in brown!
Rand T said…
OMG wow thats amazing!!!:)xx
Jessica said…
These shoes are so amazing. They make my shoe collection look so sad.
oona said…
Ohmygoodnes the fur ones are genius! ADORE
Chicago Chic said…
Oh, difficult to choose because I can see each one paired with something different! Love them! :)

Jody said…
WOW! Those are insane! Pink are great, love the brown too. Love way too many to decide.
Burning Skies said…
I vote for the brown or gray one! Soo nice! Would you know how much they're selling them in SM?