Transitionizationess and Gifts

Yesterday was a full day, we were out doing I forget already because of the anestesia they gave me during childbirth, but I remember we were busy. Didn't have time to change so much because we had to meet my best friend and her husband for cocktails shortly after whatever those errands were.

So I just wore the same shirt (yuck ba? hahaha) and replaced my shorts with jeans, wide-legged, because my body is rejecting skinnies due to the extreme heat. (taking them off feels like peeling away your slimy, second skin lately.)

1. Here's the first turban I made in brown that I mentioned in my previous post:
I have since made another one in navy blue, I love how they frame the face, I think it looks really feminine. Sorry about the messy hair. I was just really melting during these photos.
Here's the polish my BFF gave me. She also gave me another one in a different color but I haven't taken a photo of it yet. Anyway, I love it, perfect for me since I never seem to be able to prevent my nails from hitting things while waiting for them to dry. This polish takes less than 5 minutes to dry up and it's highly pigmented. This color's called SOnic Boom and it's a bright coral shade. PERFECT!
She also surprised me with this red leather bracelet that says "Dream" (kse lagi daw ako naka tunganga! LOL! translation: because I'm always off staring into space). It's so pretty, she got herself a matching one that says "Inspire". At 31, we still adore "friendship bracelets". hehe :)
And she got me some connector rings too which I haven't had the chance to take a photo off, maybe next post.
Okay, that's it for today. Good Morning! Hope you enjoyed reading this post with your morning coffee. See you again tomorrow! Have A Nice Day!



Nekiah Torres said…
I love your jeans and turban! Very cute! Kiah
Caro P. said…
I agree with u with the skinnies, i just can't even think of them in summer time!
Btw... that friendship bracelet is adorable!
tessa said…
this is sooo sweet. :) love your turban and accessories :)

have a nice day :)
love this 70's look! im so in to the wide leg and silky blouses now!! perfect!
Camille said…
i love your jeans! so 70's! i know what you mean when you say that it's impossible to wear skinny jeans in the heat! i feel the same way when summer strikes brazil!
uhooi said…
great outfit you look amazing!

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Nisha said…
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Nisha said…
Those bracelets look so cute together! Friendship bracelets never get old :)
What Sadie Did said…
Love those wide leg jeans - very retro! They work well with your turban.

I love giving and receiving personal little gifts - that is so sweet :)

Thanks for your lovely comment too!

Sadie x
your turban suits you well!and nice outfit boho chic!:)thanks for dropping by my blog!i hope you can visit soon:)
Chyrel Gomez said…
love the friendship bracelet with the word dream and the pants are awesome. :)

where did you buy the pants? :)
@chyrel: i bought it years ago in dorothy perkins :)
Annabelle Fleur said…
Wow, what a gorgeous outfit! Your jeans are simply stunning! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment!

Love those flared jeans.

Anonymous said…
lovely trousers:)
check out mine;

I need more followeres :=)
Burning Skies said…
I love your turban and jeans! And your nail color is such a lovely color of red :) Ditto on it being too hot to wear skinny jeans. A minute under the sun feels like you;re melting already!
Totally agree with the skinnies! Thank god for wide legged pants! :)

I love the boho-inspired look! Looks great on you :)
Baya Casar-Sy said…
Me likey the red bracelet. =) I'm a sucker for all red things! Thanks for visiting my blog.
Eva said…
like your blouse! thanks for stopping by my blog xoxo
Issa said…
i like your jeans! so 70's....and is that the blouse you wore at UP? gusto ko talaga siya....
omg! you look amazing in those jeans and the turban!

i do love how turbans frame my face...but ironically, the boyf hates it..haha!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
Melody said…
I love those wide jeans and the turban! So cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Shelby said…
great look, love the 70's chic vibe <3shelby
Giulia said…
I'm Giulia
from The Smiley Bow
I would like to thank u for your sweet comment on my blog :)))

You have a very cute blog.. But I especially love your personal style!!
This look is cool!

from Milan
Christine said…
You look so beautiful in these pictures :)

Xoxo Christine
Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I think your blog is just lovely. Love this outfit - especially the turban. I've long felt that I needed a turban and this has just solidified that feeling.
Buky said…
You look so good in brown belt, blue denim and white top.
Its awesome. Really!
I love the outfit.
Thanks for the Inspiration :D
@issa: it's a different one, the one i was wearing UP was a n oversized shirt i got from pink manila, this one's just a loose polo from uru :)
@gizelle: LOL, my husband calls me Tupac when I wear mine! :)
thanks for the sweet comments! :)
Roxy Heart said…
Great outfit and nail polish color!
Those jeans look so fabulous on you! Just found your blog and I'm loving it. Now following, hope you'll follow back!

Ask the Duplex
Issa said…
oh, even if it's a different one from the one you wore at UP, I also like this one! why do you look so good in everything you wear....i envy you!