What I Wore Today: Babies Day Out

I love spending Holy Week in Manila. The empty streets, the unusually quiet surroundings, you just don't get that everyday in a busy, bustling metropolis. Holy Week in Manila is refreshing.

But since everything is pretty much closed during this time, there's not much to do so my brother suggested yesterday that we take the kids out biking before our "Visita Iglesia". We took them to the UP Campus. Love this place...
The streets are lined with Sunflowers, almost looks like John Hay in Manila...

Nikola just learned how to bike last week. We bought this bike for her 2 years ago but she never got around to actually using it until a few days ago. It's now too small for her so my mom bought her a bigger bike yesterday after their "little trek in the woods".
Comfort was key for me when I was dressing up yesterday. I had to anticipate the heat, running around and sitting on the ground. Hence the toms, and a super relaxed outfit. Pardon the sweat, besides the really loose, cotton clothing, I was still sweating buckets (yuck?) haha, it was really hot! :)

Nikola and her cousin Pablo on their little mountain:
The Baby Daddies:
Dennis with Nikola and my brother with Pablo
Running in "the woods"...
Since it's Earth Day, let's end this post with my favorite tree of the day. It was massive and I loved it! Yes, I am a tree-hugging hippie at heart :)

Hope you all have a nice weekend! :)

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Chyrel Gomez said…
It's really hot talaga but I agree about loving the streets being empty which is seldom.

✗✗ said…
SOOO CUTE!! Your children are adorable!! Great pictures and your outfit is lovely and perfect for the occasion!!
Michelle said…
Woaahh... I never knew that the UP campus was that beautiful! :-)

And I love the tree you picked out to close the entry. There's something very.... wise (?) about that tree. =))

I love your outfit too! You look very boho and comfy. =)
I hate the heat,it's keeping me from dressing up sometimes.haha!love the comfy outfit!and Nikola looks so cute :")
Roma is Love said…
My sister came home with one sunflower from that UP garden :) Yesterday, I was thinking of visiting that area as well. Told my family it would be a nice place to take pictures and hang out during the holy week :)
Caro P. said…
What a beautiful place! i'd love to visit Manila one day!
Your outfit looked very comfy for the ocassion, but i know... we can do nothing about the heat! portenian summer is really hot and humid too!
Oh my Dior! said…
love the white tshirt it looks so cool!

such a gorgeous place.
and especially the photos in the park area.
i love the comfort of your outfit, still very pretty.
the elephant necklace = amazing! :)
oomph. said…
what a nice day with family. the campus is lovely!

Unknown said…
ang ganda lang ng family day!
ilang ulit na akong nakapunta sa UPD pero wala akong ganyan na mga shots.
hmmm, baka magpopost ako ng pics sa campus namin dito sa cebu.
wow! nice blog (:
follow me, I'll follow you back!

also with bloglovin

with love, cris
Bea said…
I love UP campus too. It's the closest I get to nature in this city :P

I go biking there on sundays. It's the best! The kids look so at home in nature!

Bea from A plus B
GretchTM said…
Such cute kiddies! Love the photos! You look great in that white top!
GretchTM said…
I gave you an award on my blog. :)
@liezyl: go, i wanna see the campus there :)
@gretch: thanks! i'll check it out :)
Fashion Mom said…
you look so cute, lovely pictures x
galatea. said…
awww i miss home (Philippines) soo much x
Love the look! It seems like you all had a fabulous day! That tree is pretty fantastic, by the way!
Michelle said…
loving that necklace and the family photos!
Issa said…
where is that in UP? the view is very nice! and you look gorgeous even under the sun! jope i also look like that when running around with my son...btw, where did you buy that shirt?