What I Wore Today: Boy-Girl

To avoid the massive sale crowds yesterday, we decided to go to Shangri-La instead. The traffic was terrible. Took us almost 30 minutes just to get to Wack-Wack from our house instead of the usual 5 minutes!

It was a little bit cooler yesterday and we were going to an airconditioned mall anyway so I wore pants, still wide-legged. Don't worry, they're now in the laundry. hehe :)
my favorite "Freddy Krueger" hat from Topman :)
Shang was chill as usual but still some of the shops we're on sale. I'm so proud cause I only got me 1 necklace :) and a little something else from True Value which I'm really excited about and will show you on my next post :)
That's the turtle connector ring from my BFF, accessories are fun but I prefer wearing them when they're given with love. They mean so much more :)
What you doing this Sunday? I'm planning to go to Browhaus to get my eyebrows threaded again, they're getting a little bushy for my taste! Hope you all have a nice weekend! :)



Chyrel Gomez said…
love all the accessories and the nail color. so red and bold. :)
So jealous of your turtle ring!!!
Make Mommy Chic said…
Ooh, I love hearing from other fashionable mommies! You blog is awesome, filled with great inspiration and you are so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now a follower!
Anonymous said…
love your outfit and the colour of your nails!!

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Alyssa said…
You are so pretty! I love your turtle ring too! I agree, it's much more fun wearing something with special meaning attached to it.
Tessa said…
as always... love the shoes! :)

and the accessories too.

have a nice day :)
Kimberly said…
great outfit love the flared jeans and the rings!

Sam said…
i miss Shang!! huhuuu! :( I love your outfit! especially your turtle ring! :) And you get threaded?? I can't do that! I get my brows waxed! haha!
Love the clogs and the wide leg jeans Sarah!:) you look gorgeous:)
oomph. said…
love the jewels! great outfit with the wide leg and stripes....and of course a fedora makes evvrything better!

Sandy said…
Just found your blog! Love it! You look great in these photos. Following you now.

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D said…
I love your outfit especially your clogs! :) Wid=sh I could pull off an outfit like that! :|
Fashion Mom said…
lovely outfit, these trousers are amazing for you x
rosapelsblog said…
love this outfit !
what a bohemian look!! love the striped tee and the fabulous jeans! the jeans has the most fabulous cut and i love the dark color. the best part for me is the combination with the brown accessories. they look so amazing together.
Flo said…
Great post, gorgeous pictures :)
I followed you ! Thanks for your darling comment on my blog! Loves...

Smolder Me said…
i love the pants! So Hip!:) xoxo Cheryl
Hautepot said…
This is one of my favorite looks! I love a tomboy-inspired outfit!
Jody said…
Great look from clothes to the accessories, as always, I love the shoes.
I love your bag & turtle ring so cute :)
thank you so much for visiting my blog,come back soon!
emily said…
this is great laid back look, i love the widelegged pants!
The Style Rawr said…
These are really cute jeans. We love your finger candy too ;)

We're now following you! Please check us out :)

T & J


Caro P. said…
Even thought i have a turtlephobia (i dont even know why) i reeaally like your ring!! I totally agree about accesories, they're even cooler when they're given with love from someone special!
Hope u had a nice weekend!
Caro :)
Hannah said…
i love the understated chicness of this outfit, you gotta love a good stripe

Bow Dream Nation xx
Shasie said…
What a fun hat. I agree I love wearing pieces that were gifted to me! Today (Sunday) I volunteered at the Houston International Festivale who's theme this year was exploring Asia (The Silk Road)

Live Life in Style
Jeroen said…
Great look you have here! I like it a lot.
Dilan Dilir said…
lovely :d I really like your rings!
Issa said…
ooohhh, love your accessories! :)
Leah said…
I adore those pants!! :P